EGames - NHL 20 League XBOX


Welcome to the first EGames league offered by HUB Sports Boston - NLL 20 (XBOX)

All players must have the applicable game, console, and online subscription to participate. Please register using your gamer-tag as team name. These first leagues will run for 3 weeks and are free of cost to all players. Each match-up is scheduled for 7 PM on Monday of each week, but can be played at any agreed upon time that week. Opponent email addresses will be made available for communication, or you can connect with your opponent directly on the gaming platform. Each week match-up is a best 2 out of 3 series, and the score of each game within the series must be reported on our site. When the match-up winner is declared, that week will go down as one win for them on the standings. If there is a dispute on the reported score, please reach out to a Hub staff member. As scores are reported and confirmed, league standing will update accordingly!


NHL 20 RULES & GAME SETTINGS [click here]


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