FIFA 2020

  • General Settings:
    • Settings: Standard settings
    • Match durance: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
    • Game speed: Normal
    • Level: Legendary
  • Injuries: On
  • Offsides: On
  • Camera: Tele
  • Radar: 2D or 3D
  • All matches should be played by a ´Friendly Match
  • All matches have to be played with the online squads. Any regular season teams, as installed with the original game, can be selected except for all-star teams.
  •  It’s forbidden to use custom formations, only the standard formations are allowed to use. (So don’t use the “square” or “X”  button to change the position of players)
  • Only tactical defense is allowed.
  • Team Selection
    • Competitors may choose any of the 32 supporting NFL franchises, however he/she may not select the same team chosen by their competitor.  The home team will receive first priority over the team he/she wishes to select.  Our scheduling software will ensure each participant has an even number of home/away games throughout their regular season


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