• The referee will initiate a coin toss to start the match. The coin toss winner has the option to serve first or chose a side to start on. Teams will switch sides after each match.
  • Once whistled for service; only one toss is allowed per serve but you have 8 seconds to serve the ball. Ball must be released from hand before contact is made. If the serve hits the net and goes over it remains in play.
  • Double contacts are allowed on the first ball over the net as long as it is one attempt to play the ball. It doesn’t matter if the other team serves, spiked, bumped, or set the ball over the net). They are not allowed on teams 2nd & 3rd contact.
  • If ball comes to rest it is a carry, and is illegal on every contact.
  • You can use any part of your body to contact the ball, as long as it’s not a carry. Exception is that a serve must be put into play with your arm.
  • Underneath the net: If hand or foot remains in contact with plane of centerline it is OK, if completely beyond line it is a violation. If any other part of your body touches the opposing court it is a violation.
  • You can never touch the net while ball is in play.
  • Reaching over the net: Once the opposing team has made its 3rd contact you can reach over as far as you can to play the ball, otherwise you must wait for some portion of the ball to get to your side before you hit it, unless it is an obvious attack. On offense; you can always follow through over the net after making contact. If set intended for you goes over the net, you cannot reach over to play it unless some part of the ball is still on your side.
  • Back row players cannot spike at the net. If a back row player wishes to spike (direct a ball into opponent’s court that is above the height of the net) a ball at the net, they must jump from behind the 10ft line.



  • Points are rally scored.
  • First to 21 wins. Must win by 2 (max at 25). All games will play using All-Rally Scoring Rules.
  • Non-Scoring Plays – A replay can be declared for any of the following.
  1. An official’s whistle interrupts play mistakenly
  2. A foreign object enters the playing area
  3. The referee has determined a player to have been injured
  4. Any instance where player safety is a concern



Ceiling, lights, wires, raised backboards and anything above 15 feet is in play on your own side after your team’s 1st or 2nd contact. If ball contacts object above 15 feet and goes over the net it is out of bounds. If ball hits something below 15 feet, such as lowered backboard, it is dead ball and Referees judgment and a possible replay if someone could have played it. Players may never touch the adjacent court while playing a ball – before, during, or after. Do not stand between courts when waiting to sub in.


No more than 6 players are allowed on the court at one time. If a team has more than 6 players present, they may choose to do one of the following:

1) Have the extra players sit out that game

2) Chose 2 players to share a position and substitute them for each other during the game (man for man, woman for woman) – no penalties.

3) Rotate around in order, maintaining serving order (one player exits the court at right front or left back and another player enters at either serving position or left front). This may cause a team to break coed rule #2 and incur the point penalty.

4) If 1 or 2 women are present, keep them on the court at all times and do not allow them to rotate off the court…this does not maintain service order, but does avoid extra penalties.

If you have fewer than 4 players: Forfeit first game, play second after ten minutes and it counts. If you play with 4 players, the server is considered back row. When new players arrive, they may come in as soon as they are ready at any position on the court.

If you have less than 2 females: 2 women must start on the court at the start of each game – failure to do so is a 3 point penalty per missing woman. If at any time during the game a team has more than 4 men on the court it is a 2 point penalty per male (on the court) above 4. This penalty is only assessed the first time a team has 5 men on the court. However, an additional 2 points would be assessed if there is an occurrence of 6 men on the court together.



Follow current USAV Rules, with the exception of incidental net contact (Any time you touch the net it is a fault). The following is not allowed: hats, watches, necklaces, large earrings, and anything considered dangerous. It is suggested that all jewelry be removed except flat wedding rings/bands.

*All teams are expected to play 2 sets and work 2 sets at a minimum per night.*



  • All teams are required to notify the HUB Sports Boston office as soon as possible if they are unable to form a full team (4 or more) for any regular season or playoff game. It must be no later than 2pm the day of a weeknight game and no later than Friday at 5pm for a Sunday game. As long as you contact us before the deadlines, you will not be charged a fee. However, even one forfeit could affect your seeding in the playoffs.
  • If a team contacts the office after the set deadlines but more than 2 hours before game time, the game will be forfeited and the forfeiting team will be required to pay a $50 fee. Within 2 hours of game time will require a payment of their referee fee, their opponent’s referee fee, and an additional $20 fee before their next game. No exceptions.
  • If a team fails to show up for a game without contacting the league office, the game will be forfeited and the forfeiting team will be required to pay their referee fee, their opponent’s referee fee, and an additional $50 fee before their next game. No exceptions.
  • If a team shows up with less than 4 players, the game will be forfeited and the forfeiting team will be required to pay both teams’ referee fees. No additional fee will be applied. A scrimmage can then take place if both teams want to.
  • A second regular season forfeit will make your team ineligible for playoffs. A third regular season forfeit will result in your immediate removal from the league.
  • Forfeit/penalty fees must be paid to the league prior to the team’s next scheduled game. Failure to pay the forfeit and/or penalty fee will result in removal from the league.
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