Adult Futsal & Outdoor Soccer Leagues in Boston

GET ON THE PITCH! Pick a day, pick a field and join over 300 indoor and outdoor teams playing with The HUB year round. Whether your game is on Turf or on the Hardwood, The HUB has the game for you.

The HUB offers multiple leagues for men & women of all skill levels. Play indoor or outdoor all year long in Cambridge, Somerville, Southie and Brighton. No one has better locations than The HUB.

With The HUB There Is No Off Season!

Get to Know Futsal

Futsal is very close to indoor soccer witha few exceptions. It’s played indoor, is fast paced and just as fun!

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  • Recreational

    If you’ve never played before or you’re a casual player looking to stay active & meet new friends: here’s where you should play!

  • Intermediate

    You have some prior league experience playing the sport and are looking to step up your game. The perfect marriage of competition and fun.

  • Competitive

    You want to take home the championship! You have a lot of league experience and maybe even played at the college level. You live for game day!


  • Individual Player

    Don’t have a team? New to the area and hoping to meet fun people? Looking for an activity? Whether you have been playing for years or never played before, sign up as an individual and the HUB will find the right team for you.

  • Small Group

    Looking to play but don’t have a full team? Select the small group option, pick a name for your group and invite your friends to join. Each person in the group is responsible for their individual player fee. Then we’ll combine you with other small groups and individuals to create a fun team of your own.

  • Full Team

    Have a squad ready to hit the field? Great, sign up as a full team to save on the league fee and have more control over your roster size.

  • Join Existing Team

    Already part of a team? If your captain paid for a full team and you need to join it, this is the option for you. Joining an existing squad makes you officially part of the roster, completes your player waiver, and allows you access to get up to the minute game day notifications via text and email.





  • More Information About Our Leagues

    Do you live in Boston and have a passion for soccer? If so, then you’re probably interested in joining a soccer league of sorts. Naturally, you don’t know where to begin! At Hub Sports Boston, we have lots of different soccer leagues that could be perfect for you. So, we’ve compiled everything you need to know into this post – take a look:

    About our Boston Soccer Leagues

    At The Hub, we have a variety of fantastic soccer leagues dotted throughout Boston. We want to give soccer fans the chance to enjoy the game with their friends. These leagues are set up to encourage friendly competition between different teams in the area. Currently, well over 300 teams are playing in both our indoor and outdoor leagues.

    One of the best things about our leagues is that they run all-year-round. Each league usually consists of around 6-8 games – plus playoffs for the top teams. The winners of each league get presented with a trophy to remember their efforts, and then you can start all over again. We even offer prizes for teams finishing in second or third place, and you can view the standings every day as they’re updated after each game. We provide you with a soccer ball for each match, and your team even gets a lovely kitbag too.

    There are different skill levels as well, so you can play for fun or join a highly competitive league. Also, our leagues are all about bringing people together. So, if you want to join a new team on your own – or with a group of friends – then we’ll help you find one. Or, if you want to start your own team, then that’s even better!

    Locations Around Boston, Near You

    The locations of our leagues vary depending on which one you want to join. As we mentioned before, some of them are indoors, while others our outside. Generally speaking, the indoor leagues are played on a hardwood gym floor, while the outdoor ones are played on turf. So, make sure you bring the appropriate footwear for the pitch!

    You get to choose which league to join based on your location. Look for ones near you, or scroll through the list of Boston soccer leagues and pick whichever one you’d prefer. We currently have leagues in many of the metropolitan areas in and around Boston, including Cambridge and Brighton. Our leagues tend to be played in schools, universities, or community centers. It varies depending on what league you choose to join, but we make sure all games are played in the same place for that league!

    Divisions: Co-ed, Men’s, Women’s

    Thre are lots of divisions for you to pick from in our Boston soccer leagues. Our co-ed divisions put men and women on the same pitch. They’re perfect if you’re just looking for some fun and don’t want to take things too seriously.

    Then, we have separate divisions for male and female soccer teams. Again, these can still be recreational, but we also have intermediate and competitive divisions as well. The intermediate ones are for players that want to have fun but are still keen to win games and have a slight competitive edge to each match. The competitive divisions are for the hardcore soccer players that want to snap up a trophy at the end of the season.

    We also need to state that all of our leagues and divisions are strictly for adults above 18 years of age. You must be 18 or older to register, and the average age of our players is between 20-30.

    Soccer Tournaments

    Alongside our Boston soccer leagues, we also run tournaments. Every season will have a tournament where the teams get to compete to win a prize. It’s loads of fun and adds some extra games to your season. The runners up usually get a prize as well, and there could be some extra incentives for the players to enjoy too.

    Furthermore, we run special tournaments throughout the year. You’re automatically entered into the ones that run as part of the soccer league season, but the special tournaments are optional. We typically charge you for entering to help cover the costs associated with setting the event up, but you get given special tournament kits, and you sometimes get free entry for the same event next year. As always, prizes and trophies are up for grabs!

    The best way to learn of any upcoming soccer tournaments is to keep checking our website. We update it all the time, so it’s the first place you’ll see any information on upcoming events.

    Indoor & Outdoor Soccer Leagues

    As we’ve already mentioned a couple of times, we provide both indoor and outdoor soccer leagues in Boston. This all depends on the locations available to us – and the time of year. During the coldest months, we try and find as many indoor locations as possible to keep the leagues running. Our outdoor locations can usually handle a bit of bad weather, but we know it’s more enjoyable to play inside and away from the elements.

    The benefit of offering up indoor and outdoor locations is that we can keep the leagues operating all throughout the year. This is mainly how we manage to have no off-season. Soccer fanatics know how annoying it is when the weather turns sour. Pitches get ruined, and you can go months before you’re ready to play again. We keep the vibes going all-year-around with our indoor and outdoor soccer leagues.

    Corporate Soccer Leagues

    You can join leagues that are specifically set up for corporate teams. Soccer is such a brilliant way to get your office together and enjoy some strong team-building. Rally the folks in your workplace to form a team and enter one of our leagues. Now, every week, you can play soccer and enjoy all the fun that comes with it. You’ll be put up against other corporate teams as well, so there’s some friendly competition involved. If you’re looking for a way to improve team bonding and relationships at work, then creating a soccer team is one of the best ways to go.

    Intramural / Extramural Soccer Leagues

    If you enjoy – or enjoyed – intramural or extramural soccer during your college studies, then our leagues are perfect for you. We’re basically the city equivalent of college intramural/extramural sports. Some of our leagues exist within one place, so you compete against other teams from the same area as you. This is awesome as you’ll regularly play against people you’ve grown up with and seen around the town!

    Our extramural leagues pit you against other teams from further outside your local area. Many of our players like to do this after they’ve dominated the intramural soccer leagues.

    Hopefully, this tells you all you need to know about our Boston soccer leagues for adults. If you still have questions, then don’t hesitate to ask!


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