• Choosing a League

    For the most part HUB Sports Boston leagues are Open Play – which means open to players of all skill levels. There is an expectation that players know the game’s basic rules and have at some time in their past played recreationally. Leagues are organized by day of the week and neighborhood. This allows you to choose a league that fits in with your schedule and is located conveniently near your work or home.

  • Pre Season

    This is the time between when you sign up and when you step on the field. During this time you will receive a few emails from us. The first will be a simple acknowledgment of your registration. This means you are in the league. The next email you receive will have your team assignment. This email will tell you what team you are on. You can go to your HUB Zone account and see your team roster and the contact info for your teammates. The next pre-season email you will receive from us will be your opening day schedule. This will be in the form of a link to your online schedule which you can access via your HUB Zone account.

  • What You Get

    When you register for a league you will receive just about everything you need to play the game. Some sports require you to have basic equipment that we do not provide. For example, for softball, we do not provide bats and gloves. We can steer you in the right direction to acquire what you need but anything we do not provide can be easily purchased at a sporting goods store.

  • First Game

    When you arrive for your first game you will have a correctly sized dry-fit shirt in your team color waiting for you. You will have game balls at the field. Whether you are playing basketball or softball, game balls are always provided. Any other equipment needs specific to the sport you signed up for will be communicated to you before your first game.

  • Team Roster

    You will be assigned to a team of other individuals and small groups of friends. We usually create team rosters approximately 50% larger than the minimum format. A softball team will usually have 15 players a 7 v 7 soccer team will usually have 10 or 11 players and so on.

  • Team Name

    Your team will be assigned a name by the league. It will be a great name! But if you don’t love the name feel free to change it. Just keep it clean.

  • Team Management

    Each team will be assigned a captain and potentially a co-captain from among the players on your roster. This is voluntary.

  • Captain’s Responsibilities

    The captain(s) main responsibility will be communication with the league once the season starts. The in-game management of the team is however you want it to be. Who plays what position, where someone bats in the order that is up to you. Usually, this is something the captain will take point on with team input. The captain should also be responsible for reminding teams of their next game and making sure that everyone who can show up does. Communication is key – don’t assume everyone knows the schedule or will show up for the game. The league will send out game reminders 2 days before your game. But we recommend that the captains send a team-wide email/text message/ looking to get a headcount the day of or even better, the day before your next game..

  • Team Communication

    This is the key to having a successful season. We highly recommend that you create a group chat or email chain so that you can keep in touch between games. This is most important for making sure everyone will be at the next game.

  • Managing Your Roster

    You will have enough players assigned to your team but that doesn’t mean everyone will show up every game. If your team is having trouble getting enough players to show there are a couple of things you can do. First, if this is a significant or chronic problem of always being short-handed let the league know. Send an email to aidan@hubsportsboston.com and let him know what is going on. Usually, we can help fill your team. If you don’t let us know, then we won’t know!

  • Gameday Fill-Ins

    If a teammate has to bail at the last minute the best way to fill your roster on the day of a game is by using one of our HUB SUBS Facebook groups.

  • Your Schedule

    You will receive your season schedule in 2 waves. The first wave will be either the 1st week or the 1st 2 weeks of the schedule, and the second wave will be the remainder of the schedule. We do this because very often teams are signing up right up to the day of the first game of the schedule and we need the time to process their registration. In addition, some leagues and independent teams may be slower to fill than others and we may need some additional time to complete a league or team roster.

  • Recording Your Score

    For most sports, your referee or official will report the scores to us but for some sports, you will.


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