Learn all about how HUB SPORTS BOSTON was founded to create the most professionally run adult sports league in the Greater Boston area. Hub Sports Boston offers adult softball, flag football, soccer, basketball and volleyball.


In the past, HUB Sports Boston was previously known as Metro West Softball and The HUB Softball. With its origins as a small Men’s softball league in Watertown, HUB has experienced an abundance of growth in the past 14 years. HUB now has 10 different sport offerings year round, showing testimony to our team’s saying, “There is No Off-Season at HUB Sports Boston”. In addition, our team has expanded from 2 passionate founders to a full team of talented individuals taking charge over varying parts of HUB’s business model.

Our team’s growth is a direct result of the loyal HUB players that have stayed with us throughout the years. With an entire 2024 year on the horizon, we are so excited to see what is to come for our sports, leagues, locations, and most importantly what we can continue to offer to our new and loyal players alike.



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