Turkey Bowl Teams Preview (in no particular order)

  1. AA – Captain: Cortland Hathaway

Hometown: Lynn, MA

Entering a Hub tournament for their first time this team is a bit of a mystery. They mostly hail from north of Boston and play in a variety of different leagues. We do expect them to make some noise tomorrow that’s for sure.

  1. E&C AUTO BROKERS – Captain: Chris Costigan

Hometown: Saugus, MA

Chris enters his first tournament with this squad. They just wrapped up their Hub season in Charlestown last night coming up just short in the semifinals. This team is not to be taken lightly though, if they bring all their weapons and are at full strength they are a force to be reckoned with no doubt.

  1. TITTSBURG FEELERS – Captain: Matt Consiglio

Hometown: Boston, MA

One may chuckle at their team name but you won’t be laughing at how these guys move the ball down the field. We haven’t seen them lace it up on the gridiron in 2017 with us yet but last year the core of this team fell just short in one of our league championships. A true contender for sure.

  1. THE SWIPE RIGHTS – Captain: Blake Mize

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

While their team name may indicate a Tinder fandom, they won’t be doing any swiping come tomorrow. We’re sure these guys will be all business for this tourney. We saw them play in the Beantown Bowl way back on the first week of April. A couple untimely mistakes costs these fellas a shot at a title, they’ll be looking for that redemption tomorrow.

  1. ATHLETES – Captain: Matt Bailey

Hometown: Rockland, MA

If you consider yourself an advanced team you have faced this team on the field or you’ve at least heard of them. They’re good and they know they’re good. Coming in as the odds on favorite they will have to take care of business every minute they’re out there. After a slip up in the semis last year, they never got their chance at the title. As Ricky Bobby once said “…if you ain’t first you’re last.” Mr. Bailey and the team live their life by this motto, watch out for these guys.

  1. TEAM USA – Captain: Steve Yovino

Hometown: Quincy, MA

We’ve seen this group of guys many times out on the softball field, but this is their first taste of a Hub Sports flag football tournament. Steve usually enters his flag squad in a few tournaments per year so they’re no strangers to the grind of tourney time. Strong arms on the softball should translate well to the gridiron.

  1. PGL DAD BOD’S – Captain: Michael Bighinatti

Hometown: Woburn, MA

Another one of our familiar softball teams from the Metro North Softball League will look to trade in the batting gloves for receiver gloves tomorrow. These guys have had their fair share of success in softball and we do expect them to be a top contender to win it all tomorrow.

  1. SPARTANS – Captain: Tah Coleman

Hometown: Quincy, MA

This team played in the Turkey Bowl last year and ended up finishing around the middle of the pack. They will look to bounce back stronger this year after another full season together on the field. If they consistently play their game they should have a good finish when the cards fall in place tomorrow.

Playoffs Preview – Coed Weeknight Standard Harvard Stadium League

Some of the toughest coed teams in all of Hub Softball will face off tonight in the semifinals of the Coed Weeknight Standard Harvard Stadium League East Division. Sitting on top of the East Division is the perennial powerhouse none other than No Mercy. They come into action tonight with a 9-1 regular season record, their only defeat came way back on 10/2. Facing No Mercy will be the also long-standing team known as Flyin’ Platypi. Josh Friedman and his crew have played dozens of seasons with us and they are no strangers to pulling off an upset or two in their days. Entering this game at 2-8 they have a tall task ahead of them facing Eric Gaalaas and his squad. In the other semifinal of the East Division we have the New England Greys (5-5) led by Chris Perry, facing off against the 36ers (7-3) captained by Jeff Owens. They 36ers were the only team to best No Mercy in the regular season so they know they can beat anyone in this division. However, the Greys also upended the 36ers by a score of 20-1 back on the first week of the season. There’s one thing for sure, all four of these teams will be looking forward to hitting the diamond tonight for their last night of outdoor softball this season. The winners of both semifinal games will play for the championship at 9:15 tonight at Barry Field in Charlestown. The action kicks off the Greys vs 36ers at 6:45 PM. Good luck to everyone tonight!

Playoffs Preview – Tuesdays in Dedham (Softball)

In the newest edition of the Playoffs Preview we turn our attention to the Tuesdays in Dedham Softball League. The championship for this league is tonight and will feature teams: Brew Crew and Going Ballistic. The Brew Crew team has played together as a core for a good two years now so you can certainly say they’re familiar with one another. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Going Ballistic team which is comprised of all individuals that signed up independently to play. It’s no secret that indy teams sometimes have a hard time building the team chemistry and comradery needed to be successful on the field in only one season. However, the difference here has to be the team captain, the one and only Hub Sports Commissioner, Chris Parente. With all the success Chris has had on the field it clearly rubs off on all the other players, right? Oh wait, Chris is already 0-2 in championships this Fall season and a whopping 0-6 in 2017. I guess no one can claim an unfair advantage playing against the commissioner that’s for sure. Will this be the league that Chris can finally coach his team to a championship victory? Or will Chris get skunked in 2017? Captains Diane Whittaker and Zac Beeley of Brew Crew are confident they will capture their first league title of the year after coming up just short in the Spring and Summer seasons. They’ve sat at the top of the division all regular season and will not relinquish their spot without one hell of a fight. It’s really anyone’s game when it comes down to it. The action kicks off at 8 PM tonight on Condon Field in Dedham, good luck to both teams!

Playoffs Preview – Metro North League (Softball)

As we head into the final playoff games in the Coed Metro North League tonight, a preview of the final 3 teams is in order. Top seeded Better Call Shal lead by none other than Anthony Mantia head into tonight’s championship with all the confidence in the world. Why wouldn’t they? Their last loss came way back on October 4th to ATC 17-15, since then they’ve been on a tear winning 8 straight. After they came up just short in the summer season it’s all or nothing for them tonight. They’re confident as ever but will that confidence translate to runs? Right behind them is the DGC squad representing a 7-3 regular season record. DGC will play the Metro North Monsters tonight, a week ago today the Monsters got the best of them winning 13-11. It’ll be a rematch of last Monday for the league semifinals tonight. The winner gets the top dog Better Call Shal for the championship at 8:15 PM. DGC has been consistently towards the top of the division over the last couple seasons they’ve played. The Metro North Monsters led by captain Michael Buonpane have surpassed indy team expectation and now find themselves one win away from playing for it all. Rarely do we see such success from indy teams, they’re the exception this season and now that they have 12 games under their belts they’re playing like they’ve been a team for many years. There’s no question David Lowe and DGC will come ready to play tonight, they’re banking on a double header for sure. All the action kicks off at Veterans Memorial Field at 7 PM and the championship will follow right at 8:15 PM. Good luck to all three teams tonight!

Hub Sports Game of the Week

In this week’s “Game of the Week” we focus in on the Men’s Metro West Standard American Division. We’re starting up the playoffs for this division tonight and boy do we have some good matchups in store. Perennial powerhouses Rebels and Southside Tavern face off tonight in a best of 3 series to kick off the first round of the playoffs. The core of this Southside team is coming off their recent Fall Finale championship victory this past Saturday, so they have to be feeling good about themselves. Rebels find themselves in an unfamiliar situation ending off the season with a below .500 record and barely squeaking into the playoffs. If anyone know Carl Plaut they know his squad isn’t going down without a fight. Rebels won the division in the Spring and ended up losing in the championship in the Summer. So even though this is unfamiliar territory for Carl and the boys, Southside best be on their game tonight. John Manning will have his team ready to play tonight that’s for sure. We will have to see if some overconfidence gets to them as they’ve had bragging rights all week after a Fall Finale title. Southside has been consistent all year long in league play and a couple forfeits hurt the Rebels overall record. At the end of the day it’s anyone’s game tonight and we expect it to be one hell of a series. The series kicks off tonight at 8 PM on Condon Field in Dedham. Good luck to both teams in the playoffs!

Team Spotlight – Gridiron Gang (Mondays in Brighton)

This week in our Team Spotlight we feature the “Gridiron Gang” team in the Mondays in Brighton Flag Football League. These guys all signed up to play as individuals and were placed on the same team with each other at the beginning of the season. Indy teams can often be hard to mesh together and form the comradery needed to be successful. After a rocky start the team really hit their stride and became a force to be reckoned with. Heading into the playoffs they were 1-5 and had to face the #1 Low Down & Dirty team. This was no small feat they were up against, but they played a near flawless game and pulled off a big upset winning 48-26. Last night they came up just short of a league championship falling 31-14 to the champions – Crabcakes and Football. It’s not often we see this type of success from an indy team, we’re proud of this group of guys and they should be too!

Every week Hub Sports will feature a team from one of our many different sports leagues throughout Greater Boston. It’s our way of saying thanks to you for being such great team players within our organization on and off the field! We would love to feature your team in our next “Team Spotlight”, to be included just shoot us over an email with a brief summary on the team and a quick snap shot. You’re that close to being famous and a true #HubAllStar

This Thursday marks the final regular season game in the Men’s Thursdays in Cambridge Soccer League. Before the playoffs begin on 11/15, we’re ranking all five teams in this league based on how they’ve performed on the field thus far. Below you’ll find a brief write up on each squad:

#1 FC Rubi

Captain: William Langhauser

William and his team have been nothing short of dominant in this Fall season. They have a =30 goal differential while only giving up 4 goals on the entire season. They’re master of footwork on the field and clearly mesh well together as a team. They must remain focused come playoff time or they could fall victims to a big time upset.

#2 Test1

Captain: Kawai So

This team has been quite resilient this season. After taking a crushing 7-6 defeat in week 1 Kawai and his team were able to rattle off a few impressive wins before running into the buzzsaw that is team FC Rubi. They certainly have their sights set on revenge, though they will need to take care of business in the semifinals to get their next crack at them.

#3 Get It In

Captain: Jeremy Wise

With only two losses on the season a Jeremy and his team are looking to make those extra hustle plays to put them over the top and into contention for a championship. They have three ties in the standings this year and had they turned those ties into W’s we could be talking about a close 2nd place team here. The potential is there, can they capitalize?

#4 The Rough Riders

Captain: Dave Madan

This squad will wrap up their regular season this upcoming Thursday and will face off against a tough Test1 team. The Rough Riders also only have two defeats in the standings column which leaves one to think this team is also saying shoulda-coulda-woulda. However, you’d be crazy to count this team out just yet. They’re determined to leave their mark and won’t go down without a fight.

#5 DK United FC

Captain: Chris Stephens

Ending off the regular season at 0-5-1 this group of guys from the Draft King offices won’t tell you their season has been as loss. They haven’t been beat by more than 4 goals this season. That tells you this team has a lot of heart and they do not give up. They’re no strangers to Hub leagues as we’ve seen play in various indoor/outdoor leagues with us. This team is determined to pull off an upset or two and finish the season on a high note.



  1. A coin toss will determine starting possession. The winner of the toss will have choice of offense, defense, direction or defer. The loser of the toss will have the remaining option.
  1. The dimensions of the field  are 85 feet wide sideline to sideline x 200 feet long end line to end line.
  1. The offensive team takes possession of the ball at its own 10-yard line and has four (4) plays to cross midfield for a first down. Offense will have another four (4) downs to cross the opponent’s 10-yard line. The offense then has three (3) plays to score a touchdown.
  1. If the offense fails to score, the ball changes possession. If the offensive team fails to cross midfield, the new offensive team takes over on downs at midfield. On 4th down the offensive team has the option to concede the possession to the defense which results in the other team gaining possession on the defenses 10 yard line. If the offensive team fails to score but crosses midfield, the new offensive team takes over at the spot of the ball.
  1. Teams change sides after the first half.


  1. Games are comprised two 22 (twenty-two) minute halves.
  2. The game clock will be kept by a HUB official.
  3. Halftime is 5 (five) minutes long.
  4. The clock will only stop for injury time-outs and time-outs requested by either team.
  5. Each team is allowed two 45-second time outs per game.
  6. The offensive team has 30 seconds to snap the ball, once the ball has been spotted. The offensive play clock will automatically start 10 seconds after the previous play has ended.
  7. A two-minute warning is given in the second half. The clock does NOT stop.

During the final 2 minutes of the game, the referee will stop the clock if:

An incomplete pass is thrown

A player ends play by going out of bounds

Either team scores (the clock remains stopped until the opposing team snaps the ball after the PAT attempt; the clock does not run during extra points)

Change of possession, including a turnover on downs and the ball being placed at the 10 yard line. A penalty which must be marked off occurs.

A team calls a timeout.

If a team is up by 14 points or more, the clock runs continuously during the last two minutes of play


Games during the regular season may end in a tie

  1. If a game is tied at the end of regulation play, a tiebreaker will be played to determine the winner. Captains will meet with the official for a coin toss to determine possession of ball.
  2. Both teams are given 2 plays, with no time outs, from the opponent’s 10 yard line
  3. If the first team is unsuccessful in scoring, the opposing team takes possession at the 10 yard line with 2 plays to score. If they score, they win.
  4. If the first team scores they are given an opportunity to score a 1 or 2 point PAT
  5. The opposing team is then given 2 plays to score and the opportunity to score a 1 or 2 point PAT to determine a winner
  6. If there is an interception during overtime the defense will take over on the opponents 10yd line.
  7. “In the regular season games can end in tied.
  8. In the post-season the above scenario is repeated until a winner is determined.


Only the ball must be over the goal line in order for it to count as a touchdown or extra point. No diving over the line will be allowed.

  1. Touchdown: 6 points
  1. PAT (Point After Touchdown)

1 point try –  the ball will be placed 5 yards from the goal line

2 point try – the ball will be placed 10 yards from the goal line. The clock does not stop during a PAT, except within the last two minutes of a game when the clock is stopping. A PAT is allowed if the touchdown was scored as time ran out to end either half. If a two point conversion is intercepted it may be run back for two points.

  1. Safety: 2 points A Safety occurs when the ball carrier is declared down in his/her own end zone. They can be called down when their flags are pulled by a defensive player, they step out of bounds, the ball is fumbled, or they hit the ground with their knee or arm. A Safety also occurs when there is an offensive penalty in the end zone.
  2. Mercy Rule: If a team is ahead by 15 or more with under 2 minutes left or 30 points or more with under 5 minutes left in the game the game will be considered a win for the team ahead.


An eligible center will snap the ball to the Quarterback. The center can then leave the line of scrimmage as an eligible receiver.


  1. The defense may pursue the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage immediately after the ball is snapped.
  2. Two defensive players are permitted to rush the QB per play. Teams are not required to rush any defensive players.
  3. Defensive rushers must identify themselves prior to the play with their hand held in the air until the ball is snapped. The line judge referee must be notified prior to every play.
  4. There is no rush “buffer zone”, defensive rushers may start from the line of scrimmage and rush as soon as the ball is snapped from the line of scrimmage.
  5. Defensive rushers must be symmetrical to the the offensive linemen (one on each side of the ball).
  6. Teams may not overload one side with two rushers.
  7. A defensive rusher can not hurdle any offense player or leave leave feet at all unless in an attempt to jump and block a pass.
  8. Defensive rushers are permitted to spin but can be blocked in the back if they do so.
  9. Limited use of hands is permitted by the defensive rusher, hands may be thrust forward, but contact must be inside frame of the torso. No illegal use of forearms, elbows, shoulders, or legs.
  10. All illegal blocking infraction penalties will result in a 5 yard penalty from the spot of the foul. A malicious or egregious act such as an elbow to the face or a take down play by an offensive or defensive player may result in a 10 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty based on intent and referee discretion.
  11. A Quarterback is not eligible to run the ball downfield.
  12. A Quarterback can’t throw a forward pass to himself. It has to be at least touched by a player on the offense or defense (with some intent of doing so).
  13. A Quarterback cannot bounce the pass off a defenders and run with it as a completed pass. Both of these calls will result in an incomplete pass and are at the discretion of the officials.
  14. A Quarterback can lateral or hand off the ball and become an eligible receiver once he crosses the line of scrimmage.


  1. Only ineligible receivers (linemen) are able to block. Blocking is limited to behind the line of scrimmage ONLY. No blocking down field at all after a pass or interception, this includes screen plays and laterals behind the line of scrimmage.
  2. One offensive lineman will lineup on either side of the center symmetrically (two in total) and will be considered the ineligible receivers for that play. The center will always be an eligible receiver.  
  3. Blocking is with hands open, palms facing opponent and arms slightly bent. Stiff arming or any spear like motion with the arms will not be permitted.
  4. No chop blocks ever. A chop block may result in an ejection from the game based on the referee’s discretion of intent.
  5. A player may not leave their feet to block an opponent, this includes hurdling.
  6. No contact of any kind is permitted above the shoulders and or below the waist.
  7. No tripping or falling in front of a defender in an attempt to block them.
  8. Limited use of hands is permitted by the offense lineman on pass blocking, hands may be thrust forward, but contact must be inside frame of the torso. No blocking with forearms, elbows, shoulders, legs, or feet.
  9. “Two on One” blocking is permitted.
  10. All illegal blocking infraction penalties will result in a 5 yard penalty from the spot of the foul. A malicious or egregious act such as an elbow to the face or a take down play by an offensive or defensive player may result in a 10 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty based on intent and referee discretion. A violation of this rule will result in the play being called dead and the ball being spotted at the point of the infraction, or the ball carrier’s position at the time of the infraction, whichever is in favor of the defensive team. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the offending player may be ejected from the game and/or league.


A lateral is an underhand pitch of the ball to a fellow team member next to you or behind you. Laterals are legal only behind the line of scrimmage. A dropped lateral is a fumble and the ball is spotted at the point of the fumble and the offense retains possession. If the lateral is picked off, the defensive team has the ability to advance the ball.


For a pass to be legal the receiver must have one foot in bounds at the time control is achieved. No part of the body may be touching an area out of bounds.


Teams must have 7 players on the line of scrimmage. The Quarterback must be off the line of scrimmage. Teams may not overload one side of the ball. No more than 2 receivers on each side of the center. One receiver can go in motion but cannot cross the center-line. Motion can also only be lateral.


A player is “tackled” by pulling at least one flag from the ball carrier’s belt.

  1. A legal flag pull takes place when the ball carrier is in full possession of the ball.
  2. If a flag is removed by a defensive player, prior to full possession (as determined by referee), the offense is not considered tackled and play continues with no infraction charged.
  3. Players may not leave their feet in attempts to “tackle” the ball carrier. If a player is determined by the referee to have dived after a flag and succeeded in pulling a player’s flag, such a play will be considered “no tackle” (similar to pulling a flag early)
  4. It is illegal to attempt to strip or pull the ball or pull from the ball carrier’s possession at any time.
  5. If a player’s flag inadvertently falls off during the play, the defense must touch the player with one hand and then he is considered down and the play will be whistled dead.
  6. A defensive player may not intentionally pull the flags off of a player who is not in possession of the ball.
  7. Flag guarding is not allowed


An offensive player may not avoid a tackle by guarding his/her flag. Flag guarding consists of the following:

1.Pushing an opponent’s hand away from the flag.

2.Pushing an opponent or stiff arming.

3.Lowering an arm to shield the flag.

4.Dipping the shoulder.

  1. No jump stopping.

If a player is called for flag guarding, the play is dead at the point of the infraction.

Spinning to avoid a tackle is legal, as long as none of the above listed events occur simultaneously.


Each team may earn only two first downs during each drive. A first down may be achieved by:

(a) advancing the ball to or past midfield and then to or past the 10 yd line.

No diving over the line will be allowed.

A ball spotted on the line shall be considered a first down.

A first down may also be awarded due to a defensive foul (i.e. interference). A defensive foul is the only way that a team may be awarded more than two first-downs.


A team has 2 opportunities to make a first down. If a team fails to make their first 1st down the defensive team takes over at midfield unless the offensive team on 4th down chooses to concede their possession. If a team fails to make their second 1st down the defensive team takes over at the spot of the ball. If a team fails to score after making their 2nd first down the defensive team takes over at the 10 yard line.


If a player fumbles the ball, the play is blown dead at the spot where the player lost possession.The offensive team remains in possession of the ball unless it is 4th down and they would have lost the ball on downs.  If a player on either team takes possession of the ball, prior to the ball hitting the ground, possession goes to that team and that player may attempt to advance the ball towards his own end zone. There is no stripping of the ball.


Interceptions of forward passes may be advanced. If a defensive and an offensive player appear to both have possession or are struggling for possession, the reception is granted to the offense.


  1. Offense
    1. Offsides: 5 yards & replay the down.
    2. Delay of Game: 5 yards & replay the down.
    3. Offensive Holding / Illegal Block: 5 yards & replay of down.
    4. Quarterback crossing the line of scrimmage prior to pass: 5 yards & loss of down.
    5. Illegal procedure (“trips”): 5 yards & replay the down
    6. Offensive pass interference: 5 yards & replay of the down.
    7. Flag guarding: 5 yard penalty from spot of infraction & loss of down. 1st down yardage prior to penalty results in 1st down. Flag guarding can be called even if the flag is pulled.  
    8. Unsportsmanlike conduct: 10 yard personal foul from end of play (the down counts). First unsportsmanlike penalty will result in the player sitting out a possession. Second offense, the player will be suspended for the rest of the game. NOTE: Loss of down penalties on a PAT attempt nullify the try (whether successful or not).
    9. Impeding the rusher:  The offensive receivers must avoid the rushers beyond the line of scrimmage.  Contact or not, getting in the pass rusher’s way is impeding the rusher.  The penalty is 5 yards and loss of down. This does not apply to the ineligible offensive linemen.
  1. Defense
    1. Holding ball carrier / Illegal flag pull: 5-yards added to end of run.
    2. Stripping: 5-yards from the spot of the foul.
    3. Roughing the passer: 5 yards & automatic 1st down.
    4. Illegal rush (not 5 seconds): 5 yards & replay the down or result of the play (offense may decline).
    5. Illegal contact (the ball has the not left the qb’s hand): 5 yards & replay the down.
    6. Pass interference: Automatic 1st down at the spot of the foul.
    7. Pass interference in the end zone: 1st & goal at the one-yard line
    8. Unsportsmanlike conduct: 10 yard personal foul (automatic 1st down).
    9. Forceout by defender will result in a spot foul and automatic first down.
  1. General
    1. First personal foul: Player will be suspended for 1 possession (offense or defense). Second personal foul: Player is ejected from the game.
    2. Fighting: Player is ejected from the game, potentially suspended, expelled from The HUB.
    3. Official clock: The clock will not stop if the losing team commits a penalty.
    4. Zero tolerance for any verbal or physical abuse by any player or fan towards any HUB official (referee, Field Manager, owner, etc). Violation of this rule could result in an automatic ejection for the game and will be subject to further discipline by HUB management.



  1. The League provides each player with flag belts and League football.
  2. No metal cleats are allowed. Players may wear sneakers, turf shoes or molded plastic cleats.
  3. Players may tape their forearms, hands and fingers. Players may wear gloves, elbow pads, and kneepads. Braces with exposed metals are not allowed.
  4. Players must remove all watches, earrings and any other jewelry that the officials deem hazardous.
  5. Matching jerseys must be worn during play
  6. Players’ jerseys must be tucked in at all times.
  7. Pants or shorts with belt loops or not permitted.


  1. Each team is allowed up to 15 players on their roster.
  2. Players must be at least 21 years of age
  3. All Players must fill out a HUB Sports Boston player waiver form [click here]
  4. Players cannot be rostered on two teams at once.
  5. Players may use fill in players only to meet the format minimum


  1. All players shall respect the calls of the officials. Players may not physically or verbally abuse any opponent or official. Only team captains may discuss calls with an official.
  2. No intentional tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, blocking, or any unsportsmanlike act which will cause the game to be stopped and the player maybe be ejected from the game. The decision is made at the referee’s discretion. No appeals! FOUL PLAY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  3. Offensive or confrontational language is illegal. Officials have the right to determine offensive language. If offensive or confrontational language occurs, the referee will give one warning. If it continues, the player or players will be ejected from the game.
  4. Any player involved in fighting will be immediately ejected from the game and subject to further suspension at the discretion of the league. Games may be “double-forfeited” due to fights. Teams instigating fights will be expelled from the league. League fees will not be refunded for team expulsion due to fighting.
  5. Ball carriers MUST make an effort to avoid defenders with an established position.
  6. Defenders are not allowed to run through the ball carrier when pulling flags.
  7. No Alcohol at or near the field or in the parking lot.. Teams may not bring coolers onto the sidelines. Game play will be stopped if alcohol is brought to the field.
  8. No seeds, gum or food may brought onto the Turf. Water and sports beverages are the only liquids allowed.

Please clean up your sideline after the game



Players must have a completed player waiver form on file by the 3rd game of the season in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs

Players must play in at least 3 regular season games to be eligible to play in the playoffs


The following tiebreakers will be used to determine playoff eligibility and seeding:

In the case of two teams ending the season with identical records.

  1. Head to Head record,
  2. Overall points against
  3. Overall points differential.

If three or more teams end the season with identical records:

1.Head to Head record among the tied teams, followed by overall point differential, followed by overall points against. Any team with a forfeit is automatically seeded lower.

Thanks for signing up for the 7th Annual Men’s Fall Finale Tournament!

The HUB softball follows ASA/USA rules in all cases except as noted below. In certain cases where rules differ the HUB rules will take precedent.

Format – Random Round Robin Pool Play. Pool assignments are to be determined by blind draw. A total of 8 teams will advance to the Gold Bracket quarter­final round. The winner from each pool advances to the quarter­final round. One overall Wild Card team will advance to the Gold Bracket quarterfinal round by virtue of lowest runs allowed from the remaining 2nd place teams. 4 Teams will advance to the Silver Bracket by virtue of the fewest runs allowed in Pool Play from the remaining 2nd place teams after all Gold Bracket teams have been determined. They will be ranked #1­-4 based on Fewest Runs Allowed. Home team will be determined by coin toss in all games.

Fields of Play: ­

Barnes Memorial ­- (Eastern Ave & East Street, Dedham. 02026) – Pool A

Ground Rules – Mostly open field all you can get. Balls hit over LF back fence will be a HR. Balls that go through the fence on the ground will be a triple. Balls that hit the field house roof will be a HR. Balls that get caught up in or go through any obstruction in deep left field will be a triple.
Parking – Lot in center field and street parking

Condon Field -­ (184 Bussey St. Dedham, 02026) – Pool B

Ground Rules – Tree lined field in left and right at 250’ home run over trees. Ground-rule double on ground into the trees.
Parking – Parking Lot along the first base line. Room for about 30 cars

Connell Field 1 (93 Enneking Pkwy Boston, MA 02136) – Pool C

Ground Rules – Dimensions 285′ fenced to all fields. Ball over the fence, home run. 3 HR limit on this field.Parking – Small parking lot

Connell Field 2 (59 Cleveland St Hyde Park, MA 021360 – Pool D

Ground Rules – Dimensions 285′ to tree line in right and right center. Ball over tree line, home run. 3 HR limit on this field.

Parking ­ Street Parking

Ross 1 – (22 Reddy Ave, Hyde Park, MA 02136) – Pool E
Ground Rules – Open field all you can get.
Parking ­ Street Parking

Ross 2 -­ (160 Westminster St, Hyde Park. MA 02136) ­- Pool F

Ground Rules – Open field all you can get.
Parking – Street Parking along Westminster St. or in Reddy St. lot at opposite end of the park.

Billings Field – (48 LaGrange Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132) – Pool G
Ground Rules – Open field all you can get.

Parking ­- Street Parking

Order of Gold Championship Play

***Times are subject to change if games run late

Quarter­final Round @: Ross Field 1 & 2, Barnes Memorial Field, & Billings.

Game A: Winner of Ross 1 vs. Winner of Ross 2  at Ross 1 ­ 3:30 PM

Game B: Winner of Connell 1  vs. Winner of Connell 2 at Connell 1 ­ 3:30 PM

Game C: Winner of Barnes vs. Winner of Condon at Barnes 3:30 PM

Game D: Winner of Billings vs, Wild Card at Billings ­ 3:30 PM

Semi­final Round @ Barnes Memorial Field

Teams will be seeded 1 through 4 based on overall runs against for the entire day
Game E: 1 Seed  vs. 4 Seed 5:00 PM

Game F: 2 Seed vs. 3 Seed  6:00 PM

Gold Championship ­@ Barnes Memorial Field

Game G: Winner of Game E v Winner of Game F 7:30 PM

Order of Silver Championship Play

***Times are subject to change if games run late

Semi­final Round @ Condon Field

Teams will be seeded 1 through 4 based on overall runs against for the entire day
Game A: 1 Seed  vs. 4 Seed 3:30 PM

Game B: 2 Seed vs. 3 Seed  4:30 PM

Silver Championship ­@ Condon Field

Game G: Winner of Game A v Winner of Game B 6:00 PM

Uniforms ­- All players are required to wear matching jerseys or team shirts.

Home Team ­- Home team will be determined by a coin toss at the start of the game throughout the tournament

Game and Start of play ­– Regulation games are 60 minutes and 7 innings long, however all games will be played to completion. Extra innings will be played to prevent a tie. If a game goes beyond the 7th inning the format will switch to a one pitch format with the last batter retired from the previous inning starting the inning at 2nd base.

Umpires ­– Umpires are certified ASA umpires. Umpire fees are included. There will be one umpire provided for Pool Play and Quarterfinal rounds, and 2 umpires provided for Semifinal and Championship Rounds. Umpires will review the ground rules with the team captains prior to the start of play. Do not harass the umpires. Harassment of the umpires, either physical or verbal may result in an ejection from the game.

Game Balls ­– Game balls will be provided for the tournament and will be put into play by the umpire. Teams will not receive balls.

Players on the field ­- Each team may have a maximum of 10 fielders and a minimum of 8. A non­-defensive catcher will be provided if your team has only 8 players.

Batting order ­- Maximum batting order of 15 batters and minimum of 8 batters are required for game to be legal. If your team has more than 15 players present and you wish to play them all they must substitute for players already in the game. Teams will follow the ASA re­entry rules for substituting players.

Ghost Outs A team must bat 9 batters minimum. While teams are allowed to play with 8 players, a team will receive a ghost out in the 9th spot in the order if they only have 8 players batting. If a team loses players to injury or if they leave early for any reason during the course of the game and fall below 9 and there is no one on the bench to replace them a team will receive a ghost out in the 9th spot. If the team falls below 8 batters the game is a forfeit.

Home Runs All fields that have fences or tree lines (or marked HR lines) have a 3 hr limit, if the ball is hit over the fence or tree line (or marked HR line) in the air. Balls that bounce over or through the fence or tree line (or marked HR line) are not HR’s. Once a team has used all 3 of it’s HR’s all subsequent balls hit over the fence or tree line will be outs.

Players arriving late ­– Must be placed at the bottom of the order in the order in which they arrived and cannot enter the game while their team is on the field.

Courtesy runners and injury ­- A batter may ask for courtesy runner BEFORE his time at bat and the umpire will announce it to the opposing team. The batter may not advance beyond first base on a batted ball, except when automatic advancement would be awarded by ground rule (i.e., overthrow, automatic double or HR). Once a courtesy runner has been asked for, it is automatic for the rest of the game. A player who has asked for a courtesy runner may not later rescind his request. A replacement runner is the last player of the same gender to have completed their turn at bat and is seated on the bench. If a player is injured while running to a base it is the umpire’s discretion whether to award a courtesy runner. If the injured player is awarded a courtesy runner he must take a courtesy runner for the rest of the Tournament.

Mercy Rule ­– If one team leads by at least 20 runs after 4 innings or at least 15 runs after 5 innings or at least 12 runs after 6 innings the game will be considered over.

Eligible Bats ­– The HUB uses the ASA banned bat list as a guide for allowable bats. Eligible bats must bear the ASA seal and not be listed on the banned bat list. Rolled, shaved, loaded or otherwise altered bats are not allowed. If you are found to be using an altered, banned or illegal bat during the game all runs resulting from that time at bat will be removed from the score book, the batter will be out and your team will be assessed a 2 run penalty and the player using the bat and the bat itself will be removed from the game. If the offending player leaves your team with only 8 players the game is forfeit. DO NOT USE ILLEGAL BATS. If there is a question about a bat’s eligibility the captain of the questioning team must bring his question to the umpire who will check the bat. The umpire’s decision is final.

Count and Fouling Out ­- Each batter will begin his turn at bat with a one ball and one strike count. Batters have one foul to waste.

Mound, Bases and Pitching Arc ­– The mound be at a distance of 50’ from home plate. The bases will be measured at 70’ where applicable and the pitching arc will be 6’ to ­10’.

No bunting, stealing, leading off base, take­out slides or blocking a base. Runners must avoid contact when arriving at a base.

Waiver Forms ­- All teams are required to have their teams sign player waiver forms.. This is mandatory to be eligible to play in the tourney.


Pool Play Tie Breaker –  In the case where three teams are tied with a 2-1 record:

  1. Fewest runs allowed among tied teams
  2. Fewest runs allowed in loss
  3. Best run differential among tied teams
  4. Best run differential in loss
  5. Most runs scored among tied teams
  6. Most runs scored in loss

Tie Breaking rules are applied sequentially. If after a tie breaking rule has been applied two teams still remain tied then the winner of the head to head match-up between the those two teams is the winner.

Example: If Team A has allowed 15 runs and Team B has allowed 15 runs and Team C has allowed 20 runs then the C is eliminated and it goes to head to head between A and B. If all 3 teams have allowed 15 runs then it moves to the second tie-breaker and so on until a winner is determined.

Wild Card Tie Breaker

All teams who finish the tourney 2-1 in the prescribed pools are eligible to qualify for the one Gold bracket wild card and the 4 Silver bracket spots. The team with the fewest runs allowed in the Tournament will be the Gold Wild Card. The next 4 teams with the fewest runs allowed will be the Silver bracket teams. Tiebreakers will be:

  1. Fewest runs allowed in the tournament
  2. Fewest runs allowed in loss
  3. Best run differential in loss
  4. Best overall run differential
  5. Most runs scored in the tournament
  6. Most runs scored in loss

Tiebreakers will be applied sequentially only among teams remaining tied at the previous tiebreaker (other teams are eliminated) until all wild card slots are awarded.

Hub Sports Boston Game of the Week

This week we’re focusing on a couple stellar soccer teams that match up tonight in a battle for first place in the Men’s Thursdays in Cambridge Soccer League. FC Rubi lead by captain William Langhauser come into tonight’s match with an unblemished 5-0 record on the regular season. Right behind them in the standings are the Test1 Squad lead by Kawai So, boasting a close 3-1 regular season record. FC Rubi has shown pure dominance in the league netting 30 goals and only letting 4 trickle in. Test1 will have all hands on deck tonight for this showdown, after getting rained out on 9/14 these teams are chomping at the bit to face off. A battle for first is on the line and may the best team win!

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