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2019 Fall Finale Tournament Teams Preview (Teams 12-24)

13. Easton Nomads – Captain: Mike O’Shea

Hometown: Easton, MA

Always a tough team to match up against right here. This team is comprised of guys that play together in the Easton town league during the season and this has been their cap off to the season the last couple years. They come prepared to play and can put up crooked numbers in a hurry.

14. Erin’s Master Batters – Captain: Daniel Garland

Hometown: Newton, MA

With a team name as such, it’s clear this team likes to have some fun. Danny is more than familiar with HUB leagues as he has probably played on a few dozen over the last 8+ years. This guy likes to win too so depending on what squad he brings to the field this could be a sleeper team to advance.

15. GND – Captain: Billy Lafferty

Hometown: Haverhill, MA

Hailing from the NH border up in Haverhill this squad is coming down to Dedham with one thing in mind, knock off the traditional tourney champs. Someone once said, “speed kills” well these guys will show you that pretty quick starting first thing on Saturday. If this GND squad is a core mix of the Dome Assassins team then we’re pretty confident we’ll see this team playing when the lights come on Saturday night.

16. Humongous Melonheads – Captain: Kevin Lambert

Hometown: Marlborough, MA

Here we have a mix of the Mudcats and Money Shots team that play in our regular HUB leagues. Mixed success over the years but the Mudcats are rallying off a Silver division title back in the summer. They’re comprised of guys that used to play ball at Salve Regina University and UMASS Boston. Let’s see if the baseball skills translate to the softball field.

17. Injured Reserves – Captain: Paul Costa

Hometown: Medford, MA

The Grandfather of softball brings his group of guys to the field for some fun, and we mean no disrespect. Paul has played in more games than some of these youngsters out there have even watched, and he’s still got it. He’s a crafty veteran whom we’ll be sure to see twirling the ball on the rubber come Saturday.

18. Mainz – Captain: Matt Grinham

Hometown: Plymouth, MA

Don’t know too much about this crew other than they hail from Pilgrim territory, the lands where the old mighty Mayflower was once docked. Let’s see if these South Shore guys know how to ball with the big boys in Boston. The odds are significantly stacked against them so let’s see what they got.

19. Rubber Duckies – Captain: Rich Viernes

Hometown: Waltham, MA

Rich and his crew bring a lot of spunk to the field that’s for sure. A feisty group of guys that have been known to advance out of pool play more often than not. It’s key for them to play near flawless and avoid giving up and big innings, if they do that their bats are enough to keep them in almost all games.

20. SouthSide Tavern – Captain: John Manning

Hometown: Quincy, MA

Mr. Manning and his crew come into this 9th Annual tournament with a couple of championship titles under their belt. They’re no strangers to success that’s for sure. However, they’ve been on the other end of some lopsided victories over the course of the last few years. Will John have all hands on deck for the year-end Finale?

21. Spadafora Slush – Captain: Sean Obrien

Hometown: Swampscott, MA

Competing for the first time in the Fall Finale we have this squad from the North Shore. Now we hear they can play some ball up there so let’s see what these guys have to bring to the table. Surely they’re excited to change up the landscape a bit and compete against some of the best of the best that Boston has to offer.

22. The Cookie Monsters – Captain: Donny Cook

Hometown: Watertown, MA

Here’s a head-scratcher, these guys list themselves as an advanced skill level but with a team description of…”Most of us will are probably going out buying gloves and cleats the night before this game.” The sarcasm has likely been laid on quite thick here but we’ll wait to see these guys on Saturday to size them up, no record of them playing with us before.

23. The Danehy Dozen – Captain: Paul Schoenfelder

Hometown: Riverside, RI

In their first official men’s tournament together this group of nice guys will put their good manners and positive attitudes to the side and focus on one thing and one thing only, WIN. Paul and his group of guys frequently play in our Cambridge weeknight leagues where they have relished in much success, the tournament success has eluded them so far but not for much longer.

24. Wild Turkeys – Captain: Dante Carnevale

Hometown: Norfolk, MA

Here’s a quick breakdown on this squad according to Dante: “Played in the Braintree League this summer, went .500. Played in a few HUB tourneys over the past year. Did OK. Not built to win it, but hopefully grab a win or two.” Well, that’s a modest way to look at things. This squad will have fingers crossed today for a lucky pool play drawing.


2019 Fall Finale Tournament Teams Preview (First 12)

  1. Advanced Auto – Captain: David Chalifoux

Hometown: East Boston, MA

The team you know and love so much, the AA boys. They’re basically a lock for the finals, right? Eh not so fast this year. They remember quite well when they ended up in the “bracket of death” a little while back. When it’s a random pool play draw you never know what to expect from pool play. Let’s see what they got this year.

  1. BBD – Captain: Alex Carrion

Hometown: Everett, MA

Here’s another guy that’s no stranger to the softball world and community (pictured above). You might see him bouncing around with the HT team but he’s always had his Bulldogs squad playing somewhere. These guys are good but they have a lot of hard work ahead of them on Saturday.

  1. Bombers – Captain: Ivan Carrasco

Hometown: North Attleboro, MA

You can often hear him before you see him, Mr. Carrasco has a strong addiction to the game of softball. He played two full MLB seasons upon last check, in 2018 and while his numbers may have dropped off a bit this year the passion he has for the game is still alive and strong. The Bombers will need to have all their usual guys in order to be firing on all cylinders.

  1. Boo Boos – Captain: Dakota King

Hometown: Bennington, VT

Making one of the longest drives of the morning will be this squad from Southern Vermont. We hear that these guys play a lot of league ball together. By the looks of their team name they might catch a Halloween hangover, let’s hope they come ready to play!

  1. BOS – Captain: Ronen Levy

Hometown: Sharon, MA

Another top contender right here for sure. Ronen will be suited up in his pitching armor come Saturday, ready to drop in some dimes on the competition. The question is will he have his A squad that dominated some of our indoor tournaments back in the winter. These guys are looking to avoid any bracket of death, an easy pool and they will coast.

  1. Chiefs – Captain: Corey Brooks

Hometown: Dorchester, MA

Here we have a complete newcomer to the HUB scene. Not much is known about this squad out hailing just south of Boston. One thing is for sure though, they must be a little intimidated by the slate of team write ups so far, yikes competition is looking fierce!

  1. Cool Cat Sportswear – Captain: Michael Goldstein

Hometown: Randolph, MA

This squad has played in a couple of our HUB tourneys over the last year or so. We checked the record books and while their first win has eluded them so far they’re far from rookies. They played the Irish and No Mercy teams pretty tough last year in pool play so don’t sleep on these cats.

  1. Daddy’O – Captain: Jason Boltrus

Hometown: Watertown, MA

Jason will bring his unbeatable energy to the field once again with his eyes on the prize. We’ve seen these guys play in tournaments pretty consistently over the last 7-8 years so let’s see what they’re bringing to the table in 2019. Not a lock for bracket play but they will not go without a win on the day that’s for sure.

  1. Depot Automotive – Captain: Joe Morrissey

Hometown: Wakefield, MA

Not to be confused with the Advanced Automotive squad this Depot Auto team will likely bring a much different vibe to the field. It’s not all about hittin’ dingers, slap some base hits, knock in some runs and play good defense. These are all a must if this team stands a chance.

  1. Dirt Dogs – Captain: N/A

Hometown: Boston, MA

Here we have a cluster of HUB regulars that were late to join the party but still snuck in under the wire. This team will have a lot of fun on Saturday but do they have what it takes to take down some of the Softball is Life crew? Station to station boys and no overthrows are mandatory for these guys to advance.

  1. Dougie’s – Captain: Chris Foster

Hometown: Nashua, NH

Coming in 2nd so far so longest drive we have this group of guys coming down from Nashua. They list themselves as an intermediate USSSA team so I’m sure they’ll easily adapt and fall right into place for this tourney. They aren’t making the trip down to Boston for the hell of it, they’re determined to turn some heads.

  1. Dragons – Captain: Kevin Shaughnessy

Hometown: Stoughton, MA

Don’t know much about this squad either TBH. They’re coming from the burbs so who knows if these guys can mash with the best of them? This is the first time we have had an entry from this team but if they pick up a W or 2 this weekend it surely won’t be the last. Tall task ahead though, that’s for sure.

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