The soccer mecca of Cambridge – Danehy Park

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of taking a stroll through Danehy Park in Cambridge on a weekend afternoon you know what we’re talking about. From sunrise way past sundown there are soccer games of all levels being played at Danehy Park. On one field the intensity is one of a World Cup Final and on the next field you might see some little ones lacing up the cleats and shinguards for their first time. Soccer players come in all shapes and sizes and that’s what makes it such a popular sport. This isn’t breaking news but once you leave the US, it’s pretty much soccer, soccer, or soccer, get my drift? In fact this summer one of our staff members was frequently crossed up in the streets of Paris by children practicing their dribbling skills on the Champs Elysee. Who would have thought you could improve your soccer skills against pedestrians? This summer even the most novice soccer fans caught the World Cup fever as we all watched France earn themselves an exciting Cup victory. That soccer fever has certainly carried over into the summer and now into the fall.
So why is Danehy Park a soccer mecca you ask? Well first off, all four fields are top of the line turf fields. Therefore, rainouts are rare and ware and tear is virtually non-existent. All fields are full 11v11 FIFA regulation as well. There’s a huge parking lot so you never have to worry about that pesky street parking or the always increasing metered parking. The field is also very accessible by train as the Red Line Alewife stop is only a 5-minute walk. There are multiple porta-potties around the complex and guess what, they’re actually clean, and they’re always fully stocked with hand-sanitizer. You add all these perks together and it’s not hard to see why the complex is so popular for soccer.
Just how popular are the HUB soccer leagues you ask? Well, we had 44 different coed and men’s soccer teams play in the six different Spring and Summer league options. We already have 21 teams signed up for the Fall season with a week or so left to register. So with that said, what are you waiting for? We’re accepting coed and men’s team and individual registrations for players of all skill levels and abilities. Don’t get left out of the biggest and best soccer season yet from the HUB!

Teddy Ebersol Field – Where Softball Dreams Become Reality

So you want to play softball in Boston? Well most of us know that softball fields in Boston are pretty few and far between. People that move here the south or Midwest ask us, “where are all the complexes in Boston.” Ah, if they only knew about our struggle. Pretty simple, there are no complexes in Boston and there are no complexes within a good 30 miles of Boston. Our window of outdoor sports in New England is limited and therefore we take what we can get. Given the fact that there isn’t a “mecca softball complex” in Greater Boston, a lot of us have to hop in the car and drive to our respective fields. Well, not all of us have the luxury or liberty to hop in the driver’s seat and call the shots. The next best option for getting around in Boston has to be the subway or the T. In a perfect world, we would have more T stops in Boston to add some more convenience into our lives, doesn’t always work that way.

Still with me? Okay, now that we got through all of that let’s add some positivity to this blog and breakdown the best softball field in Boston. We’re talking about the Teddy Ebersol Fields of course. Located on the Esplanade on the Charles River the buzz that surrounds the area is enough to make you want to play. Thousands of people use the walkway to the right of the fields so you’ll always have an audience watching you try to hit a bomb out on Storrow Drive. Did we mention the fields are owned by your hometown Red Sox? This means these fields get extra special tender care, granted it’s not Fenway Park but it’s the closest thing to it! So how about this whole getting to the field thing? No car? No problem take the Red Line to the Charles/MGH stop or the Green Line to the Science Park/West End stop. So, you want to head right from the office to the field? You’re in luck once again as game start times range from 7-10 PM. If you have one of those later games you can stop into one of our league Sponsor Bars – Alibi or Lincoln Street Tavern to get special HUB Sports exclusive discounts on food and drinks. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that the leagues have sold out for a record 13 seasons in a row now?

Let’s recap – we started off talking about how the softball fields are very spread out throughout Greater Boston. We ended by breaking down the best field that Boston has to offer, Teddy Ebersol Field. You’re going to have the option of playing on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night between 7-10 PM. You get a six-game regular season capped by playoffs for top teams. The season kicks off the week of 9/10 and limited spots remain open for team registration.

Click the link for info on all Fall Softball Leagues at Teddy Ebersol Field:

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Championship Sunday Softball Playoffs Preview

In the first championship of the day, the Sunday on the Charles League will play host to two semifinal games at 10 AM which will immediately lead into the championship at 11 AM. Last week in the quarterfinals we saw all higher seeds advance and no upsets went down. Therefore, we’re down to the top 4 teams in the league slugging it out for championship bragging rights. The heavy favorites have to be Cine Negro. They are no strangers to success as they locked up the league title last year in the fall. This year they’re rocking a perfect 7-0 record heading into the semis, however right on their tail is team Storm. They have a very respectable 5-2 record heading into their semifinal matchup and have plenty of experience in these big games. We’ll see if Nick can rally the troops for another title run. Not to be forgotten are Rangers of Motion (3-3) and Sit on My Base (4-2). We know that these teams have the talent that it takes to knock off the big dogs. First thing is first they will both need to pull off an upset in the semis to make it to the elusive championship game.

Next on the day we will see the Sunday Men’s National Division quarterfinals, semifinals and championship all in one day. It’s all going down at Cassidy Field in Brighton starting at noon and the championship is slated to begin at 3 PM. The tops dogs of the division have to be WildCard (8-2) and The Hitmen (8-2). These squads have been around for a while, so we know they’re familiar and comfortable with one another. But hey, at the end of the day good offense and good defense are what win you games. Watch out for Team Bunt Stuff, they’re rocking a 7-3 record and actually upended Wildcard a couple weeks back. Rounding out the rest of the field are the Peter North Stars (6-4) and Wasted Talent (4-6). All teams in the playoffs are averaging 12+ runs a game while WildCard is averaging almost 22 per game so it’s clear everyone knows how to put a crooked number on the board. Solid pitching and no errors could be the difference in who comes away crowned as a HUB Champion on Sunday!

Compete against these teams next season, check out all summer soccer leagues:

Championship Sunday Soccer Playoffs Preview

Before you celebrate one of the best holidays there is, Independence Day, we have some champions to be crowned. Before you bust out the burgers, dogs, and adult beverages there is some business to be taken care of. We have four different championships this Sunday, July 1st, let the fireworks begin! Let’s kick off the playoff previews with our two soccer championships going down on Sunday.

We’ll be wrapping up the Sunday’s in Cambridge Men’s 7v7 League this Sunday when the championship kicks off at 5 PM. We’re down to our final four teams that will be facing off in the semis in order to punch their ticket to the championship game. The odds-on favorite has to be Team Tiggles. These guys are 6-0 in the regular season and have scored 47 goals while only giving up 12. That amounts to an impressive +35 goal differential, with the next bet being at +12. In fact, their closest margin of victory was an 8-5 win over the #3 seed Boston’s Finest. OK, we get it these guys can play. With the Fancy Footwork team sitting in the #2 seed and Goal Trolls sitting at #4 it looks like all roads lead to Team Tiggles. As they say, there’s a reason why you play the games, upsets happen all the time. If these guys get too cocky or confident that could end up taking them down. Can Team Tiggles be beaten or will they go a perfect 8-0 on the season?

The final championship of the night features the Sundays in Cambridge Coed 11v11 Soccer League. This long-standing league has some true talent striding up and down the field every Sunday. In the 11v11 game, you’re on a full regulation size field so there’s no chance to cut corners. No chance for those lazy clears or crosses, if you don’t hustle you’ll get beat. Matching up in this championship game we have the Hanover All-Stars led by Tah Coleman playing against Brew Crew FC led by Jared Winston. Brew Crew are certainly no strangers to this championship game, they have taken home the championship hardware many times over the last couple of years. Well, surprise surprise Tah and the squad know a little something about winning as well. They captured an indoor soccer championship with us earlier this year and they have their sights set on #2 in 2018. The standings certainly favor Brew Crew (5-0-1) but the Hanover All-Stars technically do not have any blemishes on their record either sitting at 2-0-4 on the regular season. Should be quite the doozy to end off July 1st championship Sunday!

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Wednesdays on the Charles Playoffs Preview

In a league that started way back on April 18th, we have finally reached the end of the Spring season. 14 teams competed against each other every Wednesday night at Teddy Ebersol Field and Hoyt Field. It truly was a stacked division with an abundance of tie-breakers needed to finalize the playoffs seeding. Close standings always make for exciting playoffs, it’s really anyone’s game. The playoffs for this league started last week and tonight we are down to our final 6 teams remaining in contention.

The marquee match-up of the night comes in the 7 PM Gold Division championship game. The #2 seed Supply and Command look to avenge a 12-2 May 30th regular season loss to the #1 seed Boston Whackers. The Whackers have been nothing short of dominant. We still recall their champ photos from last year holding up the 3-peat sign as they ran the table in the Wednesday on the Charles leagues last year. They have a huge bullseye on their backs and Supply and Command has the talent and experience needed to come out as league champs. Should be one doozy of a championship at Teddy tonight!

Our later matchups this evening will feature the four remaining teams in the Silver Division bracket. Actions kicks off at 8 PM with the Free Ballers (3-4) facing off against Eaton Vance (4-3). The 9 PM semifinal will feature SnapApp (3-4) against Income Research (4-3). Toss the records out the window in these matchups. All four of these teams are within 10 runs of each other in the run differential category so we know that their offensive and defensive styles are very similar. Eaton Vance however has put up significantly more runs on offense so right now they’re looking like the odds on favorite to take some the Silver championship at 10 PM tonight. Good luck to all 6 teams competing for a championship title tonight!

Play against them next season:

Tuesdays on the Charles Playoffs Preview

The league kicked off way back on April 17th for the launch of the 2018 Spring season. It was a hard-fought season that saw 8 teams battle it out every Tuesday at Teddy Ebersol Field and Hoyt Field. The playoffs began for this league last Tuesday and we are now down to one semifinal and one championship to wrap up the Spring season. It’s all come down to tonight, tonight is for all the marbles.

In the first semifinal matchup we’ll see the ObserveIT team playing Fuze. Both teams finished the regular season with a modest 4-1-1 record and surprise surprise that tie on their records came when they faced each other way back on April 24th. Not only is this game for payback, it’s for a ticket in the championship game immediately following. Fuze enters this game as the #2 seed and with a slight run differential advantage. Throw the regular season out the window, it’s anybody’s game in the playoffs.

The winner of the afore mentioned semifinal game will face off in the championship against the upset-minded Willis Towers Watson squad. WTW knocked off the undefeated #1 seed Dong Squad last Tuesday and they now find themselves in the driver’s seat for the 10 PM championship game. WTW entered the playoffs as the #4 seed after amounting a 4-2 record in the regular season. This team has been here plenty of times before, so it seems their experience is really paying off. However, both ObserveIT and Fuze have put more runs on the board this year so offense is going to be a huge key tonight. Good luck to all three teams tonight, should be a doozy down at Teddy Ebersol Field!

Play against these teams next season:

We’re on to Watertown!

Ah Watertown, familiar with it? A great suburb of Boston, you feel like you’re miles and miles outside of the city but then you head down North Beacon Street and there’s the Boston skyline right in front of you. You get that suburb feel with all the city amenities mixed in. It’s undoubtably a great place to live and work but also holds many more hidden gems that we’re ready to uncover.

Watertown is a suburb of the city that’s very easy to get to right off the Pike, which makes for a great area to play sports. In fact, you’ll find one of the biggest open softball fields in the Greater Boston area in the town of Watertown; we’re talking about Filippello Field of course. Ever played here? Well if you haven’t you’ve been missing out. You have a rare opportunity to really let it rip and hit some bombs. While there isn’t a fence, there is well over 400 ft of wide open green space in the outfield. Therefore, no obstructions, no hitting cars or houses, no homerun limits, just let it rip. There’s plenty of parking

We have two different softball leagues starting up in Watertown over the next two weeks. We are accepting team and individual registrations over the next 7-10 days.

Watertown Men’s League – Starts 6/18

Coed Wednesday Watertown/Brighton League – Starts 6/20



We’re on to Somerville

If you live in the suburb of Somerville you’re probably quite familiar with the typical hustle and bustle. You probably already know that Somerville holds a very high concentration of young people looking to continue their glory days of playing sports and having a couple cold ones in the process. Such a high concentration of young people in fact, Somerville is listed as the 13th most densely populated area in the country. We’re talking the whole country here folks, not just MA. There must be something in the water over in Somerville because people clearly enjoy the quality of life there. It must be all those bars in Davis Square or Assembly Square that keeps all the “youngsters” in the area. Back in 2006 the Boston Globe ranked Somerville as the best run city in the state. About 50% of the population in Somerville is between the age of 25-44. Need we say more about how much of a mecca for young adults this city is?

This summer we have 8 different leagues starting up in Somerville. You can choose between playing either softball or soccer and the leagues play on Either a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. A little something for everyone one would say. So if you like convenience in your life, these are the leagues for you! Who doesn’t like convenience in this day in age though? Not only will you get in on all the action on the field, when the games are done you can head over to one of our local sponsor bars to throw back a couple cold ones with the team mates and reminisce on that major bomb you hit or the hat trick you scored. Nothing beats kicking back after some exercise with a couple adult beverages, right? 😊

We’re accepting team and individual registrations for all 8 leagues, check them out by clicking the link:

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Geared Up For Gonzalez Field

The time has finally arrived, it’s time to start the soccer and flag football leagues on the highly touted brand-spanking-new Gonzalez Field in Dedham! Men’s flag football starts this upcoming Tuesday and games are at 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM. The men’s soccer league will also start on Thursday next week with the same game times.

In the Greater Boston area there are a fair share of turf fields, not a lot but a handful of decent turf fields. We run leagues on turf fields in Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, Brighton, Norwood, Danvers, any town that has turf in Greater Boston we’re on it. Well when we found out that this brand new $3.5 million dollar turf complex appointed “Gonzalez Field” was being built we knew we would adding yet another turf field to our arsenal.

Turf fields are certainly becoming more and more popular all around the country and especially in colder weather climates. What’s so great about turf you ask? Well this isn’t your old-school “Astro-turf” type of stuff. This turf field is the top of the line stuff that some of you are so accustomed to now. You know, the stuff with the little black rubber pellets that get stuck all in your cleats. Grass stains and mud are no longer a factor on turf and believe it or not, turf tends to have a better cushion than grass does. No wonder why it’s so popular now.

If you’re wondering if you can still get in on the action…yes you can!

Click here for info on the flag football league:

Click here for info on the soccer league:

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