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Weeknights in Southie Flag Football League Playoff Power Rankings 


#1 The Family (6-0) – Captain: Brandon Cox 

What can be said about this squad that hasn’t already been said? They finished off the regular season last week with a perfect unblemished record. With Art leading the squad at QB the receiving core has not gone hungry this season. They finished with a +102 point differential and are averaging 37.3 points a game, woah. Can they be beat? Oh yes they sure can but they’re #1 for a reason, everyone is gunning for this team. 

#2 Scoregasms (5-1) – Captain: Will Spring

Will has really taken these guys from worst to almost first. The boys have played 4 straight seasons with us and they finally have everything working in a fluid motion. These guys are an athletic group of unsuspecting flag footballers. They’re fast, feisty and have the stamina to stay with any team in the league. They were tied 18 up at the half with The Family but ended up losing by 14 in the end. Possible championship rematch? 

#3 Kale QB1 (4-2) – Captain: Alex Overly

Here’s another squad that has a lot of familiarity with HUB flag football. They’ve been playing with us since last summer in Brighton and have steadily improved their offensive and defensive attacks in the meantime. They’re an inconspicuous group, but they have more organization going on than most teams dream of. Pretty sure they keep their own individual stats? Kale doesn’t air out the long ball too often so it’s short dunk and dive plays that can propel these guys to the semis and beyond. 

#4 BMF (4-2) – Captain: Mike Flores 

The boys from BMF are a gritty crew that love their football. These guys show up to play every day of the week but last week was rough for them against The Family without their starting QB. They will need everyone there in full force to be able to advance to the championship. We’ll be surprised but not shocked if they don’t advance to the semis, this field is stacked. 

#5 Gremlins (3-2) Captain: Kevin Kiely

Every time these guys take the field it’s like Friday night lights all over again. They come ready to ball. Not just ready to run a few routes and work up a sweat, they come to win. After playing in the Braintree league with us earlier this year, they catapulted into the rough n tough Weeknights in Southie Division. They’ll be wrapping up their season tonight with a must win game vs the Dolphins at 8 PM. They win, they’re in. Lose and it’ll  come down to a tiebreaker to advance to the playoffs. 

#6 Toe Drag Swag (3-2) Captain: Tyler Pina 

Here’s a crew that has been playing with us for a good 3-4 years. They come and they go, mostly go when they want some easier competition in another league (so we’ve been told). This is a quality group of guys that have a lot of laughs on the field but never get out of line. They have a good scheme together but can they hold off some of the big boys in the division? Time will tell, they have a must win game tonight as well. Win and in, lose and it comes down to a tiebreaker. 

#7 Past Our Prime (3-2) Captain: Jack Doherty

This team is a new addition to the league this season. They have definitely held their own for a new squad. They have some quality athletes on the team but they’re still honing in on the full package on the field. They certainly have the skill that’s needed to advance but they lack the experience. They should win their final regular season game tonight and that will lock them into the playoffs starting on Tuesday. 

#8 Super Gremlins (3-3) Captain: Baron Osei-Bonsu

Boy did these guys cut it close on making the playoffs this season. At 3-3 for the season they are almost a lock for the playoffs. They just have to hope for a lot of points to be scored tonight so they win a tiebreaker on the points against tiebreaker. If they are destined for the playoffs then we know they have what it takes to make a major run at the championship. This core group of guys has been playing with us for a good 4+ years now so there’s no question they have the experience. They need to limit the long plays and focus the whole game to come out victorious in this buzz-saw of a league. 

#9 Hibachi (3-2) Captain: Obie Christmas 

An honorable mention at most right now. Fresh off of a league championship title in the summer, these guys are sputtering at the moment. They’ve lost a good deal of their roster to the college season. Crazy that these guys would choose college football over adult rec flag football, right? Obie and the squad must win tonight and they basically have to skunk their opponent (Toe Drag Swag) to advance this season. There is no doubt these guys have skill but do they have what it takes to make a run in the playoffs? We shall see on the field tonight. 

Honorable Mentions…

#10 – Elite (2-4)

#11 – Gunther’s Gunners (1-4)

#12 – Southie Scumbags (0-6)

#13 – Southie Dolphins (0-5)


2019 Fall Finale Tournament Teams Preview (First 12)

  1. Advanced Auto – Captain: David Chalifoux

Hometown: East Boston, MA

The team you know and love so much, the AA boys. They’re basically a lock for the finals, right? Eh not so fast this year. They remember quite well when they ended up in the “bracket of death” a little while back. When it’s a random pool play draw you never know what to expect from pool play. Let’s see what they got this year.

  1. BBD – Captain: Alex Carrion

Hometown: Everett, MA

Here’s another guy that’s no stranger to the softball world and community (pictured above). You might see him bouncing around with the HT team but he’s always had his Bulldogs squad playing somewhere. These guys are good but they have a lot of hard work ahead of them on Saturday.

  1. Bombers – Captain: Ivan Carrasco

Hometown: North Attleboro, MA

You can often hear him before you see him, Mr. Carrasco has a strong addiction to the game of softball. He played two full MLB seasons upon last check, in 2018 and while his numbers may have dropped off a bit this year the passion he has for the game is still alive and strong. The Bombers will need to have all their usual guys in order to be firing on all cylinders.

  1. Boo Boos – Captain: Dakota King

Hometown: Bennington, VT

Making one of the longest drives of the morning will be this squad from Southern Vermont. We hear that these guys play a lot of league ball together. By the looks of their team name they might catch a Halloween hangover, let’s hope they come ready to play!

  1. BOS – Captain: Ronen Levy

Hometown: Sharon, MA

Another top contender right here for sure. Ronen will be suited up in his pitching armor come Saturday, ready to drop in some dimes on the competition. The question is will he have his A squad that dominated some of our indoor tournaments back in the winter. These guys are looking to avoid any bracket of death, an easy pool and they will coast.

  1. Chiefs – Captain: Corey Brooks

Hometown: Dorchester, MA

Here we have a complete newcomer to the HUB scene. Not much is known about this squad out hailing just south of Boston. One thing is for sure though, they must be a little intimidated by the slate of team write ups so far, yikes competition is looking fierce!

  1. Cool Cat Sportswear – Captain: Michael Goldstein

Hometown: Randolph, MA

This squad has played in a couple of our HUB tourneys over the last year or so. We checked the record books and while their first win has eluded them so far they’re far from rookies. They played the Irish and No Mercy teams pretty tough last year in pool play so don’t sleep on these cats.

  1. Daddy’O – Captain: Jason Boltrus

Hometown: Watertown, MA

Jason will bring his unbeatable energy to the field once again with his eyes on the prize. We’ve seen these guys play in tournaments pretty consistently over the last 7-8 years so let’s see what they’re bringing to the table in 2019. Not a lock for bracket play but they will not go without a win on the day that’s for sure.

  1. Depot Automotive – Captain: Joe Morrissey

Hometown: Wakefield, MA

Not to be confused with the Advanced Automotive squad this Depot Auto team will likely bring a much different vibe to the field. It’s not all about hittin’ dingers, slap some base hits, knock in some runs and play good defense. These are all a must if this team stands a chance.

  1. Dirt Dogs – Captain: N/A

Hometown: Boston, MA

Here we have a cluster of HUB regulars that were late to join the party but still snuck in under the wire. This team will have a lot of fun on Saturday but do they have what it takes to take down some of the Softball is Life crew? Station to station boys and no overthrows are mandatory for these guys to advance.

  1. Dougie’s – Captain: Chris Foster

Hometown: Nashua, NH

Coming in 2nd so far so longest drive we have this group of guys coming down from Nashua. They list themselves as an intermediate USSSA team so I’m sure they’ll easily adapt and fall right into place for this tourney. They aren’t making the trip down to Boston for the hell of it, they’re determined to turn some heads.

  1. Dragons – Captain: Kevin Shaughnessy

Hometown: Stoughton, MA

Don’t know much about this squad either TBH. They’re coming from the burbs so who knows if these guys can mash with the best of them? This is the first time we have had an entry from this team but if they pick up a W or 2 this weekend it surely won’t be the last. Tall task ahead though, that’s for sure.

Soccer & Soccer Leagues in Dorchester, MA

Are you a new or experienced soccer player looking to join a soccer program or soccer league in Dorchester, MA? Then take control of the ball with HubSports Boston.

About Playing Soccer At HubSports

HubSports Boston is the fastest-growing provider of recreational adult sports leagues in the city and now provides competitive action for over 1,000 teams across the sports of basketball, flag football, kickball, softball, and soccer. While we are immensely proud of all competitions and tournaments, our soccer leagues in Dorchester are among our most popular.

The sport of soccer has seen another spike in popularity in recent times as the success of Major League Soccer and the USWNT inspire thousands to take up the beautiful game every month. While there are plenty of facilities and organized leagues for youngsters, it can be a little harder for adults to find a place to play. Until now.

Our highly organized leagues offer teams and ballers to enjoy either 7 V 7 or full size 11 V 11 action. With dedicated programs for Men’s teams as well as Coed teams, there has never been a better way to introduce yourself to soccer – or take your passion for playing to the next level.

All of our leagues are officiated by qualified refs regardless of whether it’s a beginner, intermediate, or advanced league. Likewise, our pitches and facilities are of the highest standards, ensuring that each session offers maximum enjoyment. With leagues running on multiple nights and several seasons being completed throughout the year, it’s the ultimate soccer program in Boston.

SportsHub proudly provides a soccer program that’s inclusive to all, and the Dorchester facility is one of the best.

About Soccer Leagues in Dorchester, MA

Dorchester is a small but thriving area of Boston in which sport and active lifestyles are a priority. From the Lower Neponset River Trail to the beautiful Dorchester Park, everything about the area is geared towards being outside and interacting with people as well as the surroundings. The HubSports soccer leagues in Dorchester are a great way to do this.

Whether you’re a group of friends looking to compete against other teams or an individual hoping to meet new teammates, Dorchester’s soccer leagues are the perfect place to do it. Better still, we provide the playing shirts, duffel bags, and soccer balls to get started – hint, it also means that the other teams will be coordinated too, removing the need to wear bibs!

While our Dorchester soccer leagues are aimed to encourage fitness in a fun manner, we also believe in striking the right balance in life. Following the completion of your early evening game, there are plenty of bars and other places of interest to share a drink with your teammates (and maybe even your opponents).

Our soccer leagues offer the high-quality playing environments desired by experienced and new players alike. Whether testing the waters with a single season or planning to play all year long, HubSports is the place to do it.

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Soccer & Soccer Leagues in Roxbury, MA

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About Soccer Leagues At HubSports

While soccer leagues aren’t the only organized sports leagues for adults offered by HubSports, there is no question that they are very much front and center, not least thanks to the recent success of the USWNT as well as the growing appeal of MLS and USL.

We are proud to be Boston’s fastest-growing recreational sports league organizer and now provide a range of sports programs to over 10,000 athletes, from beginners to advanced players, across the city. Basketball, softball, and flag football are all popular options too. Our outdoor soccer leagues in Roxbury are a particular hit, though, providing casual and competitive programs for both men and women.

The outdoor soccer programs we offer include both 7 V 7 and 11 V 11 action, and welcomes both Men’s and Coed teams. Furthermore, we offer beginners leagues, intermediate leagued, an advanced leagues. So, whatever skill level you’re at, finding a suitable league to play soccer in a safe, fun, and competitive environment should not be a challenge. Or if you prefer a relaxed and leisurely kick around, that’s fine too.

Our programs are open to full squads of up to 15 players (12 for 7 V 7) as well as individual players looking for a new team to join. Even if you’re not sure what standard you should play, our coaches can watch you play before placing you in an appropriate team and league.

With jerseys, balls, and kit bags provided too, this really is the best place to play soccer in Boston.

About Soccer Leagues in Roxbury, MA

Roxbury is an area that loves its sports. The Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, and New England Revolution all play a key role in the local culture while team sports are also the preferred choice of physical exercise for most residents. Our soccer leagues in Roxbury are the perfect place to embrace that passion for sport.

Whether you’re new to soccer or a seasoned player, our facilities include flat pitches and a welcoming atmosphere while we use qualified referees and professional organizers for all games. Our regular season matches consist of two 24-minute halves while the top teams will progress to tournament style play-offs too.

Our soccer leagues are a great way to meet other people in Roxbury and learn about other happenings in the suburb and surrounding areas of the city. With tournaments taking place on several nights throughout the week, it’s the ideal way to enjoy some cardiovascular exercise while putting your skills to the test against Roxbury’s other soccer fanatics.

Whatever you’re looking for in a recreational soccer league, HubSports Roxbury will quench your first for fun and frantic action. Your new favorite hobby starts here. And once one season ends, you can sign up for the next to keep the fun flowing all year round.

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Soccer & Soccer Leagues in Brighton & Allston, MA

Are you a sports fan looking to play soccer in Brighton & Allston, MA? HubSports has a range of programs for soccer in Brighton and soccer in Allston that will bring fast, frantic fun to your feet.

About Our Soccer Programs

HubSports is proud to be Boston’s fastest-growing sports leagues organizer for adults, and we now provide both casual and competitive sports programs to over 10,000 players across more than 1,000 teams. While this does include other sports such as flag football, basketball, and softball, there is no doubt that outdoor soccer has become a major feature of our service.

Our soccer programs in Brighton & Allston bring the fast-paced team sport to men and women of varying abilities. Whether you’re a serious baller with bags of skill and experience or a complete novice that has been won over by the recent exploits of the USWNT doesn’t matter, we will have a program just for you.

The fast-paced action of our outdoor 7 V 7 leagues can be enjoyed by teams of up to 12, with jerseys being provided alongside a kit bag and a ball. Whether you want to play in a Men’s league or a Coed mixed league in which two female players should be present at all times, the fun never stops from the first whistle to the last.

Standard leagues last or six regular season matches, lasting 48 minutes each, before the top team progress to our play-offs. Alternatively, if you’re not looking for the ongoing commitment, HubSports Allston is also running a Fall Frenzy one-day tournament, which is sure to be amazing.

A world of fun team action is at your feet!

About Soccer Leagues in Brighton & Allston, MA

When looking for a safe, fun, and highly professional environment to enjoy your soccer activities, HubSports Brighton and HubSports Allston are two fantastic options. Aside from highly organized matches and leagues that offer qualified officials and daily competition updates, the facilities are exceptional.

Outdoor soccer leagues in Brighton take place at Daly Field while Thursday evening Coed games are played at Portsmouth Murrayfield. Smith Field in Allston is also used for Monday and Tuesday evening action. All three venues offer a flat playing surface along with excellent facilities befitting of Boston’s number one league operator.

In addition to accommodating teams, we also welcome individuals or smaller groups to join existing teams. Our friendly and welcoming teams offer a great way to meet new friends while developing your soccer skills and enjoying the rough and tumble of our competitive leagues. If you’re unsure of what league you belong in, our coaches can watch you play before deciding the level that’s best suited to your talent.

Sport is a big part of life in Boston, particularly in Brighton & Allston, and our soccer leagues are the ideal way to get involved for teams and individuals of all abilities. From the casual games to ultra-competitive leagues, our services are the best in Boston.

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Soccer & Soccer Leagues in Brookline, MA

Want to start playing soccer in Brookline, MA? Then the outdoor soccer leagues and programs at HubSports Boston are just for you!

About Our Soccer Leagues

HubSports Boston is the city’s fastest-growing organizer of adult recreational sports leagues, bringing the thrills of sport of casual programs and competitive leagues to over 1,000 teams and 10,000 athletes across several disciplines including basketball, softball, and flag football. However, it’s soccer that has quickly established itself as one of the biggest hits with both men and women.

Soccer is riding a wave of positivity thanks to another FIFA Women’s World Cup triumph by USWNT as well as the continued growth of Major League Soccer, USL, and even MASL. Whether you feel that you have the talent to become a professional or simply want to enjoy fast-paced fun with friends in an organized yet casual manner, HubSports Boston has a league for you.

Through our highly popular 11 V 11 leagues, men and women throughout Brookline and the surrounding areas can play soccer in a competitive league that provides qualified refs, quality facilities, and all the equipment needed to start a tea including 15 jerseys, a team duffel bag, and a ball.

Our passionate and friendly team of organizers are always ready to help while our coaches can provide the tips and training drills needed to improve your ability on the field. Or if you’d prefer simply to enjoy a leisurely approach to a fun form of exercise, our soccer leagues are great for that too.

Fun-fuelled soccer awaits.

About Soccer League in Brookline, MA

HubSports Boston takes great pleasure in providing soccer leagues that are inclusive to all right in the heart of Brookline. We offer full-size outdoor 11 V 11 leagues aimed at novices, intermediate, and advanced soccer players with leagues for Men’s teams as well as separate leagues for Coed teams in which three female players must be present at all times.

Our leagues operate on Sundays at Hellenic College, with teams playing a total of 6-8 48-minute matches over the course of a regular season before the top teams progress to the tournament style play-offs. Meanwhile, we provide daily updated standings and player stats while winning teams and players are presented with prizes at a presentation ceremony upon the program’s completion.

Brookline is crazy for sports – heck, we even produced Tom Brady – and the highly professional and organized leagues suit the area to perfection. Whether you’re a student at Hellenic College on a sports scholarship or a 40-something sports fan looking to embrace a new sport with friends in a competitive environment, SportsHub Brookline’s soccer programs are the ultimate option.

We help dozens of people just like you, from beginners through to highly-skilled athletes, enjoy soccer to the full every single Sunday and virtually all of our players agree that it’s one of the friendliest and engaging sports environments throughout all of Boston.

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Soccer & Soccer Leagues in Cambridge, MA

Are you looking to play soccer in Cambridge, MA? HubSports Boston boasts a range of leagues and programs for players of abilities.

About HubSports Boston’s Soccer Leagues

Soccer is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, not least thanks to the exponential growth of MLS and continued success of the USWNT. Whether you’re looking for a recreational league to enjoy with your friends or an ultra-competitive league for advanced players, HubSports Boston runs exceptional programs for all players.

HubSports is Boston’s fastest growing operator of adult recreational sports leagues, accommodating over 10,000 athletes across all sports. Our soccer programs are very much at the heart of what we do. While we do offer a range of other activities including softball, basketball, and flag football, there’s no doubt that our soccer leagues have become one of our most popular activities.

Our fast-paced 7 V 7 leagues bring the excitement of soccer of Boston to men and women in a highly professional and organized fashion. From excellent facilities to qualified officials, we provide everything you could ever want and more. In fact, HubSports even provides team jerseys, duffel bags, and soccer balls for all teams.

The HubSports program is run by a team of passionate organizers and coaches who can also provide advice and support for how to improve your skills. From training drills to subtle positional changes, those improvements can take your game to the next level.

With HubSports Boston, a world of frantic fun is at your feet.

About Soccer League in Cambridge, MA

Whether you fancy yourself as the next super striker of the New England Revolution (or Sky Blue FC) or simply wish to enjoy a fun form of casual exercise with friends, HubSports’ soccer league in Cambridge is the perfect solution.

Cambridge is a sports mad city. Whether it’s supporting the Harvard University teams or enjoying the many benefits of regular physical exercise and an active lifestyle, we simply love our sport. The HubSports soccer league is the perfect way to embrace that passion in a fun, safe, and competitive environment.

Our outdoor soccer leagues currently run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at the excellent Danehy Park center. The professionally organized leagues offer 7 V 7 soccer to Men’s teams as well as Coed teams in which two female athletes must be present on the pitch at all times. Whether signing up as an individual to join an existing team or registering an entire squad, fun is guaranteed.

Over the course of a season, teams play six 48-minute matches with the best teams progressing to the one-night tournament style play-offs. Teams can use rosters of up to 12 players, allowing for ‘roll on roll off’ substitutions.

With daily league updates available online, including individual scoring stats, and prizes on offer to the best teams and players, HubSports soccer leagues in Cambridge, MA truly are the ideal activity for players of all abilities.

Our goal is to provide fun and affordable soccer for all. Come and join us today!

About Hub Sports

Are you looking for flag football in Dorchester? Well, you have certainly come to the right place. If you visit our site, you’ll find we are the biggest organization for sports leagues in Boston and that does include flag football. You might not have heard of flag football before. Flag football is like the typical game you’re familiar with but without the contact. This makes it safer but just as fun which has guaranteed it has been a hit with locals of Boston for years.

We hold flag football leagues near Dorchester all year around. If you think that means that there is no offseason with our leagues, then you’re absolutely right! You’ll be able to enjoy it whenever you want, wherever you want. You can choose from a range of different locations with tournaments that are held both indoors and outdoors. This means whatever the weather, we’re ready to play, so we hope you are too!

You might be an individual player. Great, we’ll find you a team in no time and ensure that you get the perfect fit based on your skills and experience. Alternatively, you could have a small group ready to get on the field. Fantastic, we’ll help you find the right league for you and ensure that you are placed in a team. Alternatively, you could have a team ready to go and be eager to compete. We think you’ll love testing your skills against the players who already love our flag football leagues near Dorchester.

About Dorchester, MA

With six square miles of land, Dorchester, MA is by far the biggest neighborhood in Boston. However, the territory used to be significantly larger and previously included Dorchester Heights as well as Hyde Park, Milton, Canton and Quincy.

The neighborhood also has one of the greatest populations in Massachusetts. As late as 2010, the census put the population at over 92,000. This is larger than 47 of the major cities in Massachusetts.

In recent years, Dorchester has seen a fantastic level of expansion and renovation. Locals have been delighted and thrilled to see that new restaurants have been opening on a regular basis, bringing more places to dine and enjoy the area as a community. Many people don’t know that the oldest home in Boston is actually standing in Dorchester and the neighbourhoods here are incredibly diverse. There’s certainly a communal spirit and if you decided to relocate here, you’d be thrilled with how much time people spend together.

There are many wonderful places for leisure time throughout Dorchester. This includes Pope John Paul II Park Reservation – a beautiful stretch of green that covers nearly 66 acres. There’s also Franklin Park which is significantly larger at nearly 485 acres. Dorchester also has a number of great transport links so you won’t have a problem getting to our flag football tournaments around Boston. If you’re not participating in our events you might want to take a trip to New England’s Franklin Park Zoo. There are over 220 species here making it a favorite day out for families and young adults alike.

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