It’s time to register for a HUB Sports league!  Here’s what to expect:


These are unprecedented times, and as such there is a level of uncertainty regarding our ability to get on and stay on the field. While the State of MA and the Governor’s office set the basic rules for Return to Play, each individual municipality follows their own set of guidance.  Some fields are run by local municipalities, some by state agencies and some by private vendors.  That is why 2 fields within blocks of each other can operate under different sets of guidelines.


HUB Sports is at the mercy of these guidelines.  We post leagues at specific fields on certain days and times informed by the best available data at the time.  It is always our intention to deliver the program as advertised, but in today’s climate, that is not always possible. We know you want to get on the field. Our decisions are always based on our ability to answer one key question – What is the most direct route to getting you on the field? That is why, when confronted with a shifting landscape, we may look to move your field, offer you a different program or delay your start date. Please understand that we are doing everything we can to get you the program as advertised, but also be aware that this simply may not be possible. If you bear with us while we navigate this new landscape we will get you playing.


If you sign up for a league and we are unable to deliver the league as advertised, you have the following options:

  •             Move – We can move you to another field or league. Sometimes this will be on a player-by-player basis or sometimes we will move an entire league to a close by field that will have little impact on your experience
  •             Delay – Towns and Facilities announce field opening dates. Then after, say, one week out from that date, they change the opening date. If this happens and it seems like the best alternative is to wait for the new date, we will delay the start of your league.
  •             Credit – If a league is moved to a new field, time or day and you cannot play, you will be issued a forever credit. If the start of a league is delayed and you are unable to wait and prefer not to move to an alternative we will issue you a forever credit.


Please note: HUB Sports Boston is offering credits, but no refunds, for delays or changes resulting Covid-19 issues. You will retain 100% of the value of your registration for life, to be used when you are ready.


We are also suspending our policy of not starting a league unless we have 4 teams registered. We will now allow leagues to begin with only 3 teams and we will introduce interleague play so that leagues with less teams can play a wider array of competition. These interleague games will only be played between leagues playing on the same day, in as close a proximity as we can manage.


In 2020, the rules have changed, but the game is the same!


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