We couldn’t be more excited to get back on the field and try to regain some normalcy in our lives. Sports has the ability to unite people in trying times and we believe that recreational sports can help bring people together while also re-uniting  family, friends and co-workers!

With that said,  it is important that return to play is done carefully and with strict adherence to government guidelines. To that end HUB Sports has created Return to Play Guidelines that will now inform all of our decisions both on and off the field. We have outlined all of the new rules and procedures we will be taking for the health and safety of our players, staff and officials.  

Early bird pricing will be in effect until June 14th on all leagues. If teams choose they can sign up with a risk free $100 deposit with the balance to be paid when the league schedule is released. If guidelines force a delay in the start of the league teams will not be charged until the league starts.

Return to Play Guidelines

Covid 19 Player Waiver


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