Being the captain of a team can be a thankless job. You never get back all the money you lay out or the hours you spend building a roster. How about taking all day trying to find a game day sub when you are at work. Or getting the inevitable call or text an hour before game time from your star player asking “Hey do we have enough for tonight?” which is code for “I can’t make it but I want a clear conscience when I bail” Well rec league sports team captain – We. See. You!

Introducing the HUB Sports Captains Reward Program – we give back to you just for being you.

Captain 2 teams:

Receive a Hub Sports equipment bag

Captain 3 teams:

Receive a Hub Sports Captain Quarter Zip Sweater

Captain 4 teams:

Receive a $100 Hub Bar Sponsor Gift Card
(your choice from our sponsor bars)

Captain 6 teams:

Receive a $300 site credit

Only league teams are eligible to be counted toward captains rewards. Tournaments and events are not eligible. All teams must be registered within the same calendar year. All rewards must be picked up at the HUB Sports Boston office. The rewards follow the captain’s registration and not the team name. Must be the same captain who signs up each team in order to be eligible. Rewards are not transferable and have no cash value. Date of first eligible league team registration is February 3rd, 2020


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