New rules and policies from registration through completion of league play. These standards are minimum requirements only and are not exclusive or exhaustive. The public health data for disease prevention that inform these guidelines can and does change frequently.  These rules will be updated as needed and as the situation on the ground changes. These rules are written in consultation with, and advised by, a variety of governing bodies including but not limited to the Massachusetts Government website (, The CDC, USA Softball, SSIA, USSSA and The Aspen Institute.


Social Distance and Player Contacts

  • Player Responsibility – We are all in this together and it is up to each of us to practice personal responsibility. Follow the CDC, State and local guidelines for social distancing and personal protective equipment. Follow the HUB Sports rules for your sport and be considerate of your fellow players, officials, staff and neighbors.





(6-8 FEET)


Social Distancing at the Field

Only players, referees and HUB staff are allowed on the field, no spectators or pets. The field is defined as the playing field, sidelines, dugouts, bleachers and benches. Social distancing on sidelines and dugouts is required. Teams should use opposite sidelines during games – where applicable.  Teams must leave the field immediately after their game concludes. Arriving teams must wait for departing teams to leave before taking the field for their game. No post-game handshake. Team picture and trophy/prize presentation at the end of the season will be eliminated. Trophies and Prizes will be left with a team representative designated to receive and distribute awards to players.

Captain’s Meetings

HUB Sports will not hold in person captains meetings. Captains meetings will be held either via video conference or pre-recorded presentation

Equipment & Supplies

Supplies to be picked up at an outdoor location at set times with preset social distance markers.
Shared team supplies should be reduced to a minimum.
No Shared food or drink.
HUB will no longer use team pinnies.
HUB Sports will minimize the amount of equipment that pass between referees and players

Umpires to bring bases
Teams will bring balls and will provide a sealed ball to the umpire.

Referee will bring ball and manage nets.

Teams must supply their own sonic flags – flags can be purchased through HUB Sports or online
Referee will bring ball

Referee will bring game ball


  • Pregame on field meeting with captains will be replaced with pretaped video pregame meeting wherever possible.
  • If unable to eliminate pregame meetings require social distancing.
  • Interactions with officials should be by team captains only.
  • All field ground rules will be updated and available on our website for review prior to the game.
  • All Officials payment to be cashless wherever possible. Teams will have the opportunity to prepay the season fee or pay each game via Venmo to the official at the field.
  • Officials who are uncomfortable officiating will not be required to officiate.
  • Officials must wear face coverings.


  • HUB Sports Boston Staff members will wear masks when interacting with players on the field.
  • Recommend staff, players, and referees bring hand sanitizing products.
  • All players not directly engaged in the game are required to wear masks.
  • Batters, players on the bench, base coaches and on deck batters must wear masks.
  • Players on the field are required to wear masks at all times during play.


  • Once new game rules and social distance measures are put in place it is the individual player and team captain’s responsibility to adhere to them.
  • All players will be required to sign new player waivers.
  • Players will not be allowed to play if new waivers are not signed.
  • HUB Sports will continually reinforce the rules through direct and regular communication with players and team captains, online posting and email updates and reminders.

Field and Venue Management

  • No more than 25 players on any surface/playing areas for team/group sports.
  • Face coverings and social distancing of six feet is required when participants are not actively engaged in an activity
  • Individuals are not allowed to congregate in common areas or parking lots following games.
  • Dugouts, benches & bleachers are allowed to open only if they can be thoroughly cleaned before and after every use and six feet of distance can be maintained.
  • Officials will determine field play-ability for issues like discarded trash on the field (masks, gloves, water bottles etc) in the same way they would for weather based conditions.



  • Follow all CDC, State and Local guidelines for facilities and events.
  • Follow all CDC, State and Local guidelines for the wearing of masks or face coverings.
  • Only players, referees and HUB staff allowed on the field, no spectators or pets.
  • Require social distancing on the sidelines.
  • Opposing team benches should be on opposite sides of the field.
  • Players must always keep proper social distance from officials. Only a team captain can approach officials to ask questions and gain clarification.
  • Recommend staff, players, referees bring hand sanitizing products.
  • No post game handshake
  • Increase dugouts sizes where possible, to eliminate that space restriction.
  • Players on the bench must wear masks
  • Players may stand outside the dugout to allow for social distancing, but not on the field of play.
  • Catchers must stand 6 feet behind the batter when possible.
  • Batters must wear masks while at bat.
  • On deck batters and base coaches must wear masks
  • A strike mat will be used which will allow umpires to further distance themselves from the catcher.
  • Umpires will wear masks and gloves as per USA Softball Guidelines.
  • Umpires will stand 6ft behind the batter when possible and on the opposite side of the catcher.
  • New softballs should remain in their original packaging until they need to be introduced into a game.
  • All players must use their own equipment while participating. This includes gloves, bats, etc.
  • No spitting or chewing tobacco
  • Follow all CDC, State and Local guidelines for facilities and events.
  • Follow all CDC, State and Local guidelines for the wearing of masks or face coverings.
  • Only players, referees and HUB staff allowed on the field, no spectators or pets.
  • Require social distancing on the sidelines.
  • Teams must occupy opposite sidelines.
  • Players on the field must wear a mask.
  • Referee will use electronic whistle
  • Captain or team designate will add players to the scorebook.
  • There will be no check-in at scorers table
  • Players must wear masks when they are on the court
  • Referee will use electronic whistle.
  • No jump ball. Possession arrow will be used.
  • Game balls will be sanitized between games
  • When switching sides, cross under the net TO YOUR RIGHT and avoid any contact.
  • No high fives or celebratory contact is made within your team.


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