We just launched our new website and there are many new and exciting features. We wanted everyone to be comfortable with the new site when you browse our spring offerings so here are some of the highlights of the new site:

REGISTRATION – Through our new “My Hubzone Dashboard” you can now create an account once and then never have to fill out a form again – no matter now many leagues you register for. So the first thing you need to do is create a Hubzone account. Do it once and your info will be stored so that all you have to do from season to season and sport to sport is simply click on the league you want to join.

INVITE YOUR TEAM – Invite your team from your Hubzone Dashboard. They will receive an email asking them to join your team. Once your team mates have joined the roster they are considered officially on your squad. Player waiver forms are included as part of their sign up. They now only need to fill this out once, not every season. This will act as your official roster for the season. Everyone on your team is required to create an account.

INFORMATION IN REAL TIME – You and your team will now get an automatic notification once your season schedule has been published. All changes and updates to the schedule, including rainouts an cancellations, will be announced as soon as they happen. While you will still have access to our cancellation and weather hotline, new number 617 863 8300 ext 4, you and ALL of your teammates will also get notified by email and text the moment a game is cancelled. No need to desperately try to reach your team on the way to the field to tell the team the game has been cancelled. Once your games have been put back on the schedule another notice will be sent to the entire team. They will know when you know! Make sure you opt in on text notifications – these will be informative only not solicitations.

INSTANT ACCESS TO YOUR ROSTER (AND YOUR OPPONENTS TOO!) – Email your team right from your team page. Send them inspirational quotes to get them fired up or simply remind John it’s his turn to bring the ump fee’s. All of your teammates info is available to you from your Hubzone portal. You can also double check your opponents roster to make sure they are not bringing in an unknown All-Star.

GAME DAY REMINDERS – Got so busy at work you forgot to remind your team to get down to the field by 7 PM. No worries. The new website will automatically remind your team you have a game. Now they have no excuse for not showing up!

PAY ONCE AND PLAY FOREVER – Your credit card is securely stored on our servers so there is no need to fill out a registration form and submit payment every season. Once you sign up for a new season your card will be billed automatically – either in full or by payment plan. Select the season and how you want to pay and you’re all set to start planning your victory parade.


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