First 8 Teams (in no particular order)

  1. ECR/BRODIE – Captain: Mike Paniello

Hometown: Salem, NH

Mike and his squad hail from the Merrimack Valley region and they are no strangers to this tournament. They usually enter as the “Filthy Anglers” but have picked up a sponsor for this year. They have had some mixed results in year’s past but they’re always a stealthy defensive team, let’s see if they can swing the long ball this year.

  1. NEW YORK STATE POLICE – Captain: Richard Martinez

Hometown: Framingham, MA

Rich and his team hail mostly from Western Mass and all parts of New York. He has traditionally brought a strong squad to play in the tournament. The luck of the draw hasn’t been in his favor lately as they have had some real tough pool play games in the past. These guys don’t travel all this way for nothing though, they mean business and they have what it takes to advance.

  1. GHOSTS OF FAXON PARK – Captain: Lee Qualtieri

Hometown: Quincy, MA

Like many other teams that suit up for this end of the year tournament, these guys are no ghosts to this tournament. Last year we saw them in the finals of the Summer Showdown tournament, no doubt they have the ability to advance. They tend to play a station to station type of game with solid defense. They will have to play solid for all 7 innings to make an impact on their pool, no question they can get it done.

  1. PLP – Captain: Stephen Yovino

Hometown: Quincy, MA

We most recently saw Steve and his crew in the Men’s Early Bird tournament way back on 4/23. Steve also plays his fair share of Hub league ball as well. These guys have been playing with each other for a while so their familiarity on the field is huge. Putting up runs in a hurry is the name of the game for success, can they stay consistent throughout? Steve will tell you yes.

  1. HARDO PAUL – Captain: Derek Curley

Hometown: Milton, MA

Do these guys live up to their name? Derek will tell you so. The team is comprised of a bunch of high level ex baseball players that now all play slow pitch in their spare time. Will it be their defense or their offense that comes to dominate on Saturday? If they put the two together these guys could be a sleeper pick for sure.

  1. O’BRIENS – Captain: Jeff Comeau

Hometown: Newton, NH

We last saw Jeff and his squad in our coed Spring Fling Tournament held way back on 4/9. The tournament officially kicked off the outdoor season for they came out the gates with a bang! After advancing on past pool play they ran into some buzz-saw teams that bounced them out. However, needless to say this team has returned for the end of the year tourney with one goal in mind, win the championship at all costs.

  1. HOUNDS – Captain: Mike Tryba

Hometown: Brighton, MA

Mike and his team enter in this tournament with plenty of experience and an overall knack for scoring runs. They aren’t built like many tournament teams are, but they sure are consistent. Mike and most of the team play as “Swing the Meat” in the Hub weeknight league. They sure do play some hounding defense and speed will win you innings, but will it be enough for them to advance out of pool play come Saturday?

  1. SWINGERS – Captain: Brendan Shannon

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Brendan and his gang are no strangers to Hub Softball. They’re currently playing in the men’s A/B weeknight division with us. We don’t believe they have ever suited for a tourney with us but there’s a first for everything. A definite dark-horse pick here, we’ll look to see if they have their best squad with them come tourney time, it’s really anyone’s day!

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