Perry, Obrien and Loguidice. Not sure if it trips off the tongue like Pierce, Garnett and Allen, but Chris Perry, Tommy Loguidice and Billy Obrien are definitely in the running for the Big 3 of HUB Softball! Together they anchor 3 teams (there’s that number 3 again), The New England Grays, West Coast Offense and The Clams. They play coed and men’s, Sunday and Weeknight and when they are not playing on their own teams they are haunting the sub boards looking for more games to play. I’m not sure if they have a bet to see who can play the most games every season but between league and tournament (Billy and Chris are part of The Fam) I think a conservative estimate would be 10 games a week! So far the the spring has been, in the words of Chico Esquela “berry, berry good!”(all you millennials will need to Google that!) The Clams won the Men’s Sunday National Division, The New England Grays won the Metro North Division and are in the Championships of the Sunday Night League and West Coast Offense won the Men’s Metro Boston American Division.

Now they are by no means a 3 man team. All 3 teams are filled with talented ball players and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to couple of key names among them. The Clams are captained by Big Nate Soli who is also a member of the Grays and Phil Edelen has put together a championship squad over West Coast Offense that is a testament to his leadership. You will also find a lot of cross pollination between the teams, with guys like Francisco Martinez and Noel Romero, among others, riding shotgun with these guys, but the Holy Trinity may be the glue of all three teams. So when the HUB builds it’s Hall of Fame we have a spot for three busts already picked out.


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