HUB Sports Boston is a recreational sports league. As such we expect a certain code of conduct on the part of our participants.

Participants in leagues/tournaments/events run by HUB Sports Boston are expected to abide by and uphold the code of conduct on the field of play. Verbal abuse of any kind towards opponents, officials/referees, teammates, staff, spectators, etc will not be tolerated. Any threat or taunt made towards an individual by a HUB Sports Boston participant will warrant a minimum 3 game suspension. If the threat is deemed egregious enough the suspension will be escalated to an entire season or calendar year. Any physical abuse by a HUB Sports Boston participant will warrant a minimum of a full calendar year suspension. A permanent ban may also be issued to the offending party. Undue physical contact with another player, a referee, or HUB staff member may also result in criminal prosecution. HUB Sports Boston reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone that has broken our code of ethics at any point as a participant in our sports leagues/tournaments/events. Any player suspended from the field of play must submit a written assurance that they will follow our code of conduct before they step foot on to the field again. Any accusations made by a participant regarding a code of conduct violation will be investigated by HUB Staff and any determination made hereto will be in their sole discretion. All final decisions made on player eligibility will be made by senior HUB Sports Boston Staff.


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