Teddy Ebersol Field – Where Softball Dreams Become Reality

So you want to play softball in Boston? Well most of us know that softball fields in Boston are pretty few and far between. People that move here the south or Midwest ask us, “where are all the complexes in Boston.” Ah, if they only knew about our struggle. Pretty simple, there are no complexes in Boston and there are no complexes within a good 30 miles of Boston. Our window of outdoor sports in New England is limited and therefore we take what we can get. Given the fact that there isn’t a “mecca softball complex” in Greater Boston, a lot of us have to hop in the car and drive to our respective fields. Well, not all of us have the luxury or liberty to hop in the driver’s seat and call the shots. The next best option for getting around in Boston has to be the subway or the T. In a perfect world, we would have more T stops in Boston to add some more convenience into our lives, doesn’t always work that way.

Still with me? Okay, now that we got through all of that let’s add some positivity to this blog and breakdown the best softball field in Boston. We’re talking about the Teddy Ebersol Fields of course. Located on the Esplanade on the Charles River the buzz that surrounds the area is enough to make you want to play. Thousands of people use the walkway to the right of the fields so you’ll always have an audience watching you try to hit a bomb out on Storrow Drive. Did we mention the fields are owned by your hometown Red Sox? This means these fields get extra special tender care, granted it’s not Fenway Park but it’s the closest thing to it! So how about this whole getting to the field thing? No car? No problem take the Red Line to the Charles/MGH stop or the Green Line to the Science Park/West End stop. So, you want to head right from the office to the field? You’re in luck once again as game start times range from 7-10 PM. If you have one of those later games you can stop into one of our league Sponsor Bars – Alibi or Lincoln Street Tavern to get special HUB Sports exclusive discounts on food and drinks. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that the leagues have sold out for a record 13 seasons in a row now?

Let’s recap – we started off talking about how the softball fields are very spread out throughout Greater Boston. We ended by breaking down the best field that Boston has to offer, Teddy Ebersol Field. You’re going to have the option of playing on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night between 7-10 PM. You get a six-game regular season capped by playoffs for top teams. The season kicks off the week of 9/10 and limited spots remain open for team registration.

Click the link for info on all Fall Softball Leagues at Teddy Ebersol Field: https://goo.gl/uhVF9M

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