South Boston Welcomes Hub Sports Winter 2018!

New for the 2018 winter season, Hub Sports Boston will be offering brand new basketball and soccer leagues at the Condon Community Center on D Street in Southie. A beautiful facility mixed with the perfect location equates to a fantastic experience like no other organization in Boston is offering. Does is get much better than walking from your apartment to play sports? You worked so hard digging out your prized parking spot on your block, now don’t go doing something like hoping in the car to drive to the gym only to ruin all the hard work you put in. Don’t risk it with the space saver, don’t do it! However, if you’re one of those folks over on the Eastside of Southie, no worries, drive on over to Condon Community Center and take advantage of the FREE PARKING. No that was not a typo, all participants receive free parking in the designated lot for Condon Community Center.

Okay, so if you live in Southie you know exactly what I’m talking about. Everyday life in the oh-so sought after and seemingly never-ending up and coming neighborhood of South Boston is a bit different. It’s the neighborhood where you’ll gladly pay over $2k in rent for a 500 square foot apartment, or better yet sometimes $500+ for a designated parking spot. Southie is a mix of the old and new all tangled up into one big ball of awesomeness, just in case you didn’t know. Now for those of you lucky to call the neighborhood home, and to those that aren’t too far we have the ultimate hook up for you this winter. Look no further, Hub Sports is here to help you save your money for those over-priced Friday and Saturday night adult beverages. For the same price as that monthly parking spot you can register a full team to play basketball or soccer! Bonus is that you get your team mates to chip in and now we’re really talking about chump change in terms of a Southie budget.

What’s better than walking to the gym, getting a good sweat in, then walking to the bar with your friends for a couple post-game cold ones? Southie is a walker’s paradise but don’t forget about that free parking at the gym too.

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Registration officially opened this week and we are projected to sell out both the basketball and soccer leagues. All teams will save $50 and individuals will save $10 if you register before 12/31!

Act Now or Forever Hold Your Boredom!

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