Uniforms – All players are suggested to wear matching jerseys or team shirts.

Home Team – Home team will be determined by a coin toss at the start of the game.

Format – Pool Play into Single Elimination Championship round

Game and Start of play – Regulation games are 40 minutes or 7 innings long.  Extra innings will be played to prevent a tie. If a game goes beyond the time limit the format will switch to a one pitch format with the last batter retired from the previous inning starting the inning at 2nd base.

Pitching – Pitching will be 6′-10′ with a pitching mat. 1-1 count with no fouls through regulation.

Umpires – Umpires are certified ASA umpires. Umpire fees are included. There will be one umpire provided for pool play and 2 umpires for Championship Rounds. Umpires will review the ground rules with the team captains prior to the start of play. Do not harass the umpires. Harassment of the umpires, either physical or verbal may result in an ejection from the game.

Game Balls – Game balls will be provided for the tournament and will be put into play by the umpire. Teams will not receive balls. All indoor play will use Easton Incrediballs.

Players on the field – Each team may have a maximum of 9 fielders and a minimum of 7.

Coed Batting Order – Teams must bat at least 2 female batters. Teams may not bat more than 3 male batters in a row. Teams may add up to 2 male EH’s for a total batting order of 11. If a team wishes to bat more than 11 the next batter (12) must be female and then a team may add 2 more male EH’s

Men’s Batting Order ­- Batting order is unlimited but minimum of 7 batters are required for game to be legal. 

Players arriving late – Must be placed at the bottom of the order in the order in which they arrived and cannot enter the game while their team is on the field.

Courtesy runners and injury – A batter may ask for courtesy runner BEFORE his time at bat and the umpire will announce it to the opposing team. The batter may not advance beyond first base on a batted ball, except when automatic advancement would be awarded by ground-rule (i.e., automatic double or HR). Once a courtesy runner has been asked for, it is automatic for the rest of the game. A player who has asked for a courtesy runner may not later rescind his request. A replacement runner is the last player of the same gender to have completed their turn at bat and is seated on the bench. If a player is injured while running to a base it is the umpire’s discretion whether to award a courtesy runner.

Mercy Rule – If one team leads by at least 20 runs after 4 innings or at least 15 runs after 5 innings or at least 10 runs after 6 innings the game will be considered over.

Eligible Bats – Any association bats are legal for play

Count and Fouling out – Each batter will begin his turn at bat with a one ball and one strike count. Batters have no foul to waste.

Mound, Bases and Pitching Arc – The mound be at a distance of 50’ from home plate. The bases will be measured at 65’ and the pitching arc will be 6-10’

Waiver forms – All teams are required to have their teams sign player waiver forms. These forms can be filled out online. This is mandatory to be eligible to play in the tourney.

No bunting, stealing, leading off base, take-out slides or blocking a base. Runners must avoid contact when arriving at a base.


Rules subject to change prior to start of tournament


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