Why Do You Play Recreational Sports? (Glory Days)

We at Hub Sports Boston had over 10,000 participants competing in leagues and tournaments throughout the Greater Boston area this year. At the end of the day if you ask each and every one of these people the simple question of why they play, you’re sure to get a vast variety of answers to that question. To each their own as they say, everyone has their own rhyme and reason to why they play. However, we have found that in light of people moving to the beat of their own drum there are many that follow the same rhythm. If you asked each of the 10,000+ people why they play recreational sports, there are certainly going to be a plethora of answers that are repeated. Well we’re here today to break it down a bit and dig deeper on why so many adults in Boston play recreational sports.

Today we are going to focus on the many of us out there that are still reliving the good ole days, you know the “glory days” so to speak. The glory days were the days when we were the stars of our high school or if you were athletically talented enough, your college team. During these days you thought you were good enough for the pros. You thought making All State pretty much was just a stepping stone for a spot at the Heisman Trophy Ceremony. You thought because you could hit the low 80’s on your fastball meant you were the next Pedro Martinez. You even thought well now that I pulled off a hat trick I must be the next Messi right? Well, no not quite. Reality set in that you weren’t headed for a multi-million dollar contact and life on easy street. That’s okay, your life in a cubical now has not affected your passion for that sport you once thought would be your career. The undying love for the game is what keeps you going and it doesn’t matter that there are no college scouts in the crowd anymore, you still play like there are. There are many of us out there that still believe they’ll have a shot at a SportsCenter Top 10 play of the night. Who’s knows maybe that could still happen? There’s something about putting on the uniform and stepping out on to the field of play that still gets the body and mind going at 45 just as passionately as it was at 15. You still have to have the freshest and most expensive cleats out, because more money must mean they make you run faster right? Well even if your 40 time has dipped below 7 seconds now you’re still lacing it up day in and day out as if you’re faster and fitter than ever. For those of us out there that do relive the glory days we salute you, keep that passion alive and the flame burning as long as you can.

It doesn’t end there – stay tuned for the variety of reasons why adults play recreational sports!

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