Why Do You Play Recreational Sports? (Team Camaraderie)

We at Hub Sports Boston had over 10,000 participants competing in leagues and tournaments throughout the Greater Boston area this year. At the end of the day if you ask each and every one of these people the simple question of why they play, you’re sure to get a vast variety of answers to that question. To each their own as they say, everyone has their own rhyme and reason to why they play. However, we have found that in light of people moving to the beat of their own drum there are many that follow the same rhythm. If you asked each of the 10,000+ people why they play recreational sports, there are certainly going to be a plethora of answers that are repeated. Well we’re here today to break it down a bit and dig deeper on why so many adults in Boston play recreational sports.

Today we focus on the individuals that may not go full on eye black, AKA the ones that play for the team camaraderie. Now that’s not to say that those who enjoy the camaraderie with team mates don’t enjoy the game just as much as the die-hards do. The people that play for the camaraderie on the field have one simple goal in mind for the most part, and that is to just get away from it all. For that hour or so that you’re on the diamond, the pitch, or the gridiron you can forget all about those nagging things in life getting you stressed. Forget about the work deadlines, transportation for the kids, Facebook drama, holiday shopping, etc. Leave all of that stuff in the car. Once you step on the field all that drama goes to the back-burner. You’re focused on winning the game and having fun with your team mates. Generally overall you’re focused more on having fun and enjoying life, we all need a little more of that in life. It’s a release from the real world and many people will agree it’s the only way to just fully get away from it all.

Back to the camaraderie, a lot of friendships have started on the field, and even a fair share of relationships. People that start as team mates often turn into much more and we think that is super cool. Every week you get to see your new found friends on the field, you get to talk about what’s new in their life and just catch up with the people you’ve grown to be found of. We can’t think of many other real life social situations where this occurs. If you hit up the local “watering hole” every week you get the opportunity to chat it up all while draining those hard-earned dollars on $7 Bud Lights all night. That’s all in good fun but if you’re looking to save a few of those greenbacks it’s much cheaper to join an adult recreation sports league with Hub Sports. There’s a certain something to be said about those teams that form an unbreakable bond. Team mates often times turn into Groomsmen and Bridesmaids when that unbreakable bond comes to fruition. How great is that? A random stranger becomes your best friend for life just because you met by chance on the field, we love to hear these stories!

It doesn’t end there – stay tuned for the variety of reasons why adults play recreational sports!


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