Why Do You Play Recreational Sports? (The Exercise)

We at Hub Sports Boston had over 10,000 participants competing in leagues and tournaments throughout the Greater Boston area this year. At the end of the day if you ask each and every one of these people the simple question of why they play, you’re sure to get a vast variety of answers to that question. To each their own as they say, everyone has their own rhyme and reason to why they play. However, we have found that in light of people moving to the beat of their own drum there are many that follow the same rhythm. If you asked each of the 10,000+ people why they play recreational sports, there are certainly going to be a plethora of answers that are repeated. Well we’re here today to break it down a bit and dig deeper on why so many adults in Boston play recreational sports.

Today in the wide world of adult recreational sports we dive head first into those participants out there that play primarily for the exercise. There’s no doubt about it, working up a sweat and giving your body a good workout does wonders for those endorphins. It’s a well-known fact that exercise produces positive results not only physically but mentally as well. Don’t think so? Push yourself to the max, really get that shirt soaked with sweat, once you’re done your workout and you’re walking off the field take a second to think about how you feel. For those of us that do it for the exercise, no matter how exhausted you are you probably feel like a million bucks. Yeah you’re tired as hell but that it’s a good tired, it’s a “I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight” tired. Getting out there on the field is your opportunity to really boost those steps on the Fitbit and be that healthy exercise guru that you are. So maybe everyone out there that plays for the exercise isn’t a complete health freak, you certainly don’t have to be. There are those of us out there that just simply do it to keep “in shape”. Whatever shape or size you may be there’s no denying that exercise does the body good. Most athletes out there didn’t start playing sports at a young age for the exercise, even though that might have been your parents intent. Most athletes never ran the mile in gym class twice because they had so much fun. Exercise is something we all learn to love and accept into our lives. Let’s be honest there’s a substantial difference between hoping on a treadmill and hoping on the ball field. No matter what your sport of choice is, you enable your body to activate muscles you may have even forgotten that you had. When you wake up the next day sure you’re a little sore but it’s a good sore, far different from the falling on a patch of black ice sore. So in closing for those out there that enjoying playing recreational sports for the exercise, your body appreciates your efforts more than you may know so keep it up!

It doesn’t end there – stay tuned for the variety of reasons why adults play recreational sports!

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