Team Spotlight – Dented Bats

This week in the Team Spotlight we focus on one of our long-standing softball teams, Dented Bats. Shawn Strout is the captain and leader of the squad who regularly plays in multiple leagues every season with Hub. Shawn has a fiery passion for softball that fuels the fire of the force to be reckoned with in this Dented Bats team. They had a lot of success in 2017, winning multiple championships. So far in the young 2018 season they’re 4-0 in the Coed Thursday Night Arena Softball League, boasting the #1 seed with a couple games to play in the regular season. They also have a +27 run differential in the ultra-finesse game that indoor softball is. Shawn describes his team in his own words below:

“I have run an outdoor softball team for 17 years now.  Lately putting in a weeknight and a Sunday night team.  Over the years we have had couples, brothers, multiple friends of teammates play, friends from college, and even old rivals looking for a new team after their team has folded.  I don’t think I can count the number of people I have played with over the years.  A lot of players have come and moved away or moved on with other things.  I usually don’t have a problem finding players though because playing on other teams you always get word of, well if you have room for your weekday team, I could use another team to play on.  I think the softball community knows each other a lot better now and even rival teams hang out often together after games and on off nights (which is very few during the summer months).  My indoor team has been around a long time as well and currently I can definitely say that we are the oldest team in the league.”

Are you itching to take down this Dented Bats team? Click the link to check out the indoor softball options this winter –

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