This Thursday marks the final regular season game in the Men’s Thursdays in Cambridge Soccer League. Before the playoffs begin on 11/15, we’re ranking all five teams in this league based on how they’ve performed on the field thus far. Below you’ll find a brief write up on each squad:

#1 FC Rubi

Captain: William Langhauser

William and his team have been nothing short of dominant in this Fall season. They have a =30 goal differential while only giving up 4 goals on the entire season. They’re master of footwork on the field and clearly mesh well together as a team. They must remain focused come playoff time or they could fall victims to a big time upset.

#2 Test1

Captain: Kawai So

This team has been quite resilient this season. After taking a crushing 7-6 defeat in week 1 Kawai and his team were able to rattle off a few impressive wins before running into the buzzsaw that is team FC Rubi. They certainly have their sights set on revenge, though they will need to take care of business in the semifinals to get their next crack at them.

#3 Get It In

Captain: Jeremy Wise

With only two losses on the season a Jeremy and his team are looking to make those extra hustle plays to put them over the top and into contention for a championship. They have three ties in the standings this year and had they turned those ties into W’s we could be talking about a close 2nd place team here. The potential is there, can they capitalize?

#4 The Rough Riders

Captain: Dave Madan

This squad will wrap up their regular season this upcoming Thursday and will face off against a tough Test1 team. The Rough Riders also only have two defeats in the standings column which leaves one to think this team is also saying shoulda-coulda-woulda. However, you’d be crazy to count this team out just yet. They’re determined to leave their mark and won’t go down without a fight.

#5 DK United FC

Captain: Chris Stephens

Ending off the regular season at 0-5-1 this group of guys from the Draft King offices won’t tell you their season has been as loss. They haven’t been beat by more than 4 goals this season. That tells you this team has a lot of heart and they do not give up. They’re no strangers to Hub leagues as we’ve seen play in various indoor/outdoor leagues with us. This team is determined to pull off an upset or two and finish the season on a high note.

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