Player Waiver & Release Form

Every player must compete the Player Registration prior to the first scheduled game of the season. Any team that has not submitted all of their player waivers by that time will have its scheduled games declared a forfeit until all registrations are received. If a player fails to submit their online player registration, all liability and legal issues will be the responsibility of the team captain. HUB Sports Boston will not be responsible for players that do not submit a player registration.

Players may be listed only on one teams roster per season throughout the league. For a player to be considered playoff eligible (eligible to participate in the playoffs), he/she must be listed on a teams roster and must have played in a minimum of two regular season games for that particular team.


Game Play

Field of Play – The following dimensions will be in effect. Bases will be marked off at 60′ (whenever possible) and the mound will be marked off at 45′. Directions to The HUB fields are located on the league website in the Locations drop down menu.


HUB Sports will provide field equipment. This will consist of a 10-inch playground ball and bases. Players on a team must wear same colored t-shirts during all games, chosen before the season begins.


Games will be officiated by 1 (one) referee. The home plate referee issues all final rulings. Only a team captain or co-captain may dispute a call with the referee. The referee has jurisdiction over the play and may penalize a player, including game ejection, for un-sportsman like conduct. Ejected players may not return to the game and if necessary may be asked to leave the premises.


All players must be 21 years of age or older. Players may only play on a team on which they are registered. Exception: You may function as a substitute player for another team if they are short a man or woman. This is ONLY valid during the regular season.

Team Rosters

Team rosters are unlimited. A team may not play more than 10 players at a time in the field. Each team is required to have at least 3 females in the field in each inning.

Every player present is required to be in the kicking line up.  If a team does not have the required minimum number of female players in the fielding lineup, then the team must forfeit.

If a team is short players, they MUST have a catcher & pitcher and then play short in the field.

If a team only has 8 fielders, the opponent will supply a non-defensive catcher. A team must supply their own catcher if they have 9 or more players.

If a team cannot field at least 6 players (Minimum of 2 Females), they automatically forfeit.

Regulation Game

Games will be 7 innings or 45 minutes, whichever comes first and depending on the season and sunset times. If there is a tie after 7 innings, extra innings can be played if the 45 minute time limit has not expired. Games that have reached the time limit are tied in score will be scored as a Tie Game.

If game cannot be finished for any reason: 4 completed innings is a legal game (3 1/2 if home team is ahead). Game length is 7 innings or 45-minutes -time and weather permitting. Ties will stand if game is called, due to weather. If inning cannot be completed due to darkness or weather, score reverts back to last completed inning (unless game is in bottom of inning and home team is now ahead), and a winner is declared (unless 3 innings have not been played). During Playoffs, games must be completed, if stopped due to weather or darkness it will be continued at point of interruption with same lineups. 


The ball must be pitched from the pitching rubber.  The ball must be rolled smoothly on the ground, no bouncing. The pitcher has to stay behind the pitching strip until the ball is kicked  NO WALKS – even though there will be balls and strikes there are no walks. Ball must be pitched correctly! The catcher cannot cross home plate until after the ball is kicked. Three foul kicks is an out.


The catcher must start behind the kicker until the ball is kicked. The catcher shall not interfere with the kicker in any way. Failure to abide by this rule results in a ball.


All kicks must be made by the foot. Any lower leg contact while attempting to kick the ball will be considered a kick regardless of where it strikes the leg or foot.

All kicks must occur at or behind home plate. Both feet must be on or behind home plate at the time the ball is kicked. If one or more feet are in front of home plate at the time the ball is kicked, it is a foul and the kick is called back (if such a kick is caught on the fly, it is an out). A kick must remain within bounds until it crosses past first or third base.

Bunting is not allowed. A bunt is defined as a kick that does not travel past the 20 foot line/markers and remain in fair territory. Any kick that does not travel past the 20 foot line/markers will result in a foul.

Kicking Order

Kicking order.  There must be at least 3 females in the batting order.  A team may not bat more than two males between each female except at the end of the lineup when the lineup is turning over.

Ghost out.  If a team has less than the minimum number of female batters a ghost out will be assessed every time that female spot comes up in the order.

Players arriving late.  A player arriving after the batting order has turned over must be placed at the bottom of the order. Unless the late arriving player is a missing women and then she is placed in the female spot in the order. Late arriving players must be announced to the umpire and the opposing team.

Players leaving early.  A male player who cannot bat (injury, or has left the premises) in their designated spot is not penalized. That spot in the order is simply skipped. If a female player leaves early, her spot in the order is considered a Ghost out. Players who have been ejected from the game will be considered an out in the batting order. A forfeit will be declared if a team is left with less than 7 players.


A runner touched by a ball any time while not on base  Any kicked ball that is caught (fair or foul – before touching the ground)  Three foul kicks is an out. A ball in possession of the fielder on the a base to which a runner is forced to run  A runner off their base when the ball is kicked (no leading) 

  • Runners must stay within the base line. Fielders must stay out of the base line unless they are attempting to tag a runner out or catch the ball. Fielders trying to make an out on base may have their foot on base, but must lean out of the base line. First base will have two bases side by side (similar to softball), one for the fielder and one for the runner which should eliminate collisions and injuries. Runners unfairly hindered by any fielder within the base line shall be safe at the base to which they were running.
  • Neither leading off base, nor stealing a base is allowed. A runner may only move off his/her base after the ball has been kicked and you cant pass the runner in front of you. These are outs.
  • Hitting a runner with the ball above shoulder level is not allowed. Any runner hit above the shoulders (neck or head) is safe and advances one base. Exceptions: If the runner intentionally uses his head to block the ball. The runner is out. If the runner is ducking, diving or sliding (i.e. attempts to dodge the ball) and is hit in the head or neck because of this, he/she is out.
  • If a kicked ball is caught on the fly, runners must tag their originating base (on or after the moment the ball is first touched by a fielder) before running to the next base. There is no infield fly rule.
  • Only one base on an overthrow is allowed to the runner. If there is an overthrow at second base, then this rule does not apply because the ball is still in play. The one base is not automatic and the runner must take the risk of being made out. The one base is only available before the play ends.
  • No sliding or diving into bases

A foul is defined as:

  • a kick landing out of bounds. The foul is determined by where the ball lands not how it travels to get there. Remember that if such a kick is caught on the fly it is an out
  • a kick landing inbounds, but traveling out of bounds on its own before reaching first or third base. (Any ball touched by an in-bounds fielder is automatically in play)
  • a ball that is tipped while being kicked but continues to travel behind the kicker; but if such a kick is caught on the fly it is an out
  • a kicker touching (or kicking) the ball twice while on or behind home plate (i.e., in foul territory); but if such a kick is caught on the fly it is an out
  • Any foul that hits a tree or other outside object is a dead ball and not eligible to be caught for an out. The ball remains a foul.
  • Three fouls is an out

Players should have no intentional or unwelcome physical contact with opposing players. Doing so will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and it will be at the discretion of the referee to issue warnings or eject offending players. A player must make the referee aware if he or she feels any contact was unwarranted.

The team captain shall ensure that their players behave themselves.

Consumption of alcohol on the fields is strictly prohibited.

Playoff eligibility –  All teams are required to sign the HUB Sports player waiver. This will act as your public team roster. Only players on this roster who have played in at least 3 of their team’s games are eligible to play in the playoffs. Teams are not allowed to use fill in players during the playoffs. If a team is found using a player not on the team’s public website the following penalties are enforced: If the illegal (Fill-in) player is identified prior to the illegal player’s at bat the player is removed from the field with no further penalty. If the illegal player is identified after the player’s at bat the player is removed from the line-up, a ghost out is recorded in their spot and the team will receive a 2 run penalty. If removing illegal players from a lineup results in a team having 6 or less rostered players and/or no female rostered players than the infringing team must forfeit.

Qualifying Teams – Teams with 2 or more forfeits are not eligible to make the playoffs. Top teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs. The number of qualify in teams depends on the size of the division. Usually between 50 and 65% of teams qualify for the playoffs. Once the final number of teams in the division has been determined an announcement will be made as to how many teams will qualify in that division

Tie-breakers  – The following tie-breakers will be used to determine playoff eligibility and seeding: In the case of two teams ending the season with identical records the first tiebreaker is head to head record, followed by overall runs against, followed by overall run differential. In the case of two teams ending the season with identical records but have not played each other the first tie-breaker is overall runs against, followed by overall run differential. Any team with a forfeit is automatically seeded lower.

If three or more teams end the season with identical records the first tiebreaker is head to head record among the tied teams, followed by overall runs against, followed by overall run differential. Any team with a forfeit is automatically seeded lower.

Tie breakers are not always calculated automatically by your website and may require a HUB official to manually override the final displayed standings. You will receive an email with the final standings and playoff seeding if necessary.

Substitutes – Teams may not use substitute players in the playoffs. Teams risk having their playoffs forfeited if they use substitute players.


No Umpire – Occasionally events occur outside of our control and we make every attempt to respond quickly and effectively to outside disruptions. If an umpire has not arrived by game time, please call the league office and we will determine the cause of the umpire’s absence. Usually a replacement umpire can be sent to the field quickly. Teams should begin the game without an umpire until the umpire arrives.

No Lights – If you arrive at the field and no lights are on by game time please call the league office and we will attempt to get someone to the field to turn on the lights. In some cases, the lights are controlled by a 3rd party like the Boston Parks and Recreation Dept. and they are either on timers or turned on by an agent of the office. If we are unable to reach someone to turn on the lights, we will make an attempt to move your game to nearby field if it can be done with minimum disruption. If we are unable to either have the lights turned on or move your game, your game will be re-scheduled. If you have already paid the umpire, you will not be required to pay the umpire for your rescheduled game.

Field Occupied – If you arrive at the field and it is occupied by another group please call the league office and we will speak directly with the other party. Do not attempt to throw someone off the field as usually this can be resolved easily. If we are unable to resolve the issue either by moving the other party or moving our game to another field, we will reschedule your game. Rest assured that we have the permits for all the fields and times we use but sometimes town’s double book a field and fail to notify us or people utilize the field without the permit. If you have already paid the umpire, you will not be required to pay the umpire for your rescheduled game.



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